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VIDEO: Safer at sea?

As the Coast Guard continues its investigation into the Oct. 29 sinking of the HMS Bounty during Hurricane Sandy, questions are still being raised about the loss, which claimed two lives.

bounty21115A central question: Why did veteran Bounty Capt. Robin Walbridge decide to leave New London, Conn., rather than stay in port when what would become perhaps the largest storm ever to form in the Atlantic Basin was forecast to move up the East Coast?

“A ship is safer at sea than in port!” Bounty’s Facebook page said two days after the ship left New London.

“The whole idea of going out and jousting with a hurricane unless you’re running away from one or being overtaken by one and have no option is just plain mind-boggling,” Capt. Jan Miles, one of the captains of the 157-foot topsail schooner Pride of Baltimore, recently told Soundings.

In this edited interview — recorded this summer by Belfast (Maine) Community TV — Capt. Walbridge, who was lost in the sinking, discusses sailing in heavy weather, including hurricanes.

Click play to watch. Click here for the full 28-minute interview.

Look for a report on the loss of the HMS Bounty in the January issue of Soundings magazine.

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2 Thursday, 06 December 2012 02:23
Most of the people who knew and sailed with Capt. Walbridge might agree that he was incredibly patient & maybe having a little fun with this tedious "reporter" who is now riding the fame of his amateur little interview. If the ship had made it through safely, nothing would ever have been said. Unfortunately now the media has something to pile on to, & "Ned Lightner" now thinks he has an "important piece of history". Hindsight is always perfect, but if you weren't there, it is pretty hard to judge fairly. Let's stop speculating & blaming & wait for the results of the investigation.
1 Thursday, 15 November 2012 23:21
Captain Chad Grubb
My condolences to both families who are suffering through the loss of their love one.
May lessons be learned so that lives were not lost in vain. Three objectives have guided me through 30 years of sailing on Lake Erie on our Ministry Schooner Journey; 1. Do not hit anything. 2. Bring back the same number of people you left with. 3 Keep the water out of the boat.
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Great Gear,