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Boat shows and print magazines are my nirvana

Peter BassHere at the bottom of the Bay, April can be downright pleasant, with an average high of 68 degrees and only around 3.5 inches of rain. Nice cruising, with cool nights. One reason I moved here was to have a longer boating season. The hot midsummer months of July and August are nicely bracketed by New England-style summer weather in June and September. Not bad. Years ago my daughter and I moved my Wilbur 38 back north in April, with a couple of lovely days on the Bay. I waited another month, however, to take it from Annapolis to Maine.



Cruise to Cuba? Maybe mañana

The boating ban remains unaffected by President Obama’s new travel policy, but changes are coming.

The Marina Darsena, in Varadero, Matanzas, is atypically modern for Cuba.Now that President Obama has moved to re-establish full diplomatic relations with Cuba and eased the embargo against visiting this long-forbidden Caribbean island, will Americans finally be able to cruise there legally in their own boats?



Cold realities and a warm escape

Peter BassWinter had been noncommittal as I wrote this in early January. When I walked the docks at Tidewater Marina, the obligatory give-and-take about the weather was still typical of early cold-season banter — a lot of If it doesn’t get any colder than this, it’ll be a nice winter and As long as it doesn’t snow, I’m happy.

Stragglers were still heading down the Ditch.



Annapolis Harbor, City Dock

Oil painting by Leonard Mizerek

Leonard Mizerek nurtured his artistic love of nature while growing up in Pennsylvania’s Brandywine Valley, made famous by the Wyeth family of artists. “I was exposed to works by the whole Wyeth family,” he says. “The one who greatly influenced me was N.C. Wyeth, the father of Andrew. He had a great ability to tell a story, and his strong use of light and dramatic color [made an impression].”



Haida Gwaii

The best of Canada's Pacific Northwest.

For most American cruisers, the Pacific Northwest stops at the U.S. border and the San Juan Islands, but the scenery and cruising only get better the farther you go up the British Columbia coast.

Among the very best of Canada’s Pacific Northwest destinations is the Haida Gwaii archipelago, at the nation’s farthest point both north and west. Once known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, they are closer to Alaska than the Canadian mainland and are packed with countless protected anchorages, mountain wilderness, spectacular wildlife and a unique native culture.



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