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Boating Destination Reviews for Travelers Along the Eastern Seaboard

Running to the mark

Oil painting by Richard Loud 

Richard Loud, the son of a shipwright from Quincy Bay, Massachusetts, grew up surrounded by sailing vessels and the men who built them. Exposed early on to both the wonders and the practical aspects of boat design and construction, Loud developed a passionate love for sailing and sailing vessels that helped define his life.



Hope Town Light - Abacos, Bahamas

Photos by Hayden Cochran & Stephen Blakely

Technically, it’s Elbow Reef Lighthouse, which is why it was built: to mark one of the deadliest shallows in the North Atlantic shipping lanes. But it’s better known as Hope Town Light, a red-and-white candy-striped tower in the most beautiful and historic little harbor town in the Bahamas.




St. Joseph Lighthouse on Lake Michigan this winter.A rampaging jet stream, Arctic clippers, thunder and snow — it’s the polar vortex! At times, the winter of 2014 has seemed more like a disaster movie than a season.

Although it still may go out like a lamb, there’s no doubt it came in like a lion, with some of the coldest weather ever recorded in many areas. More than 185 million Americans were affected, and more than a dozen deaths were attributed to the intense cold and winds.



Historic cold in the Big Apple

Rockland Lake Lighthouse on the Hudson, circa 1915One of the saving graces of the polar vortex was that it came and went in a matter of two or three days. When cold settles in for a longer period of time, conditions get even worse.



Ellis Propeller

Photos by Dee and Brooke Williams

A casting pour at a prop shop foundry is a brief but dramatic event. Workers appear otherworldly in their protective gear. The crucible glows red hot. Escaping gases flare up an intense yellow, creating plenty of smoke and odor.



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