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Boating Destination Reviews for Travelers Along the Eastern Seaboard

Venice of America

Fort Lauderdale is ground zero for all things nautical, but you’ll find much more if you set a few waypoints off the beaten path

The inlet of Port Everglades leads you into Fort Lauderdale, one of the most opulent cities on the East Coast. Paradoxically, if you’re a boater with a need it can also be one of the most practical cities. They say that if you can’t find it for your boat here, it doesn’t exist.



Chesapeake classics

Forget the tie and the socks. On Father’s Day weekend this year a lot of dads got to hang around lovingly restored wooden boats in breezy, picture-perfect weather and dine with their families on mouth-watering Chesapeake Bay blue crabs at the Antique & Classic Boat Festival in St. Michaels, Md.



Finding a place to tie up

The steady stream of boats in the 'Yachting Capital of the World'Slips range from rental docks behind homes to famous resort marinas with facilities adequate for most yachts. Here are some examples.



St. Augustine

 St. Augustine is one of the prettiest and most historically compelling communities on the East Coast. It’s also an exceptionally practical place to stop. Hundreds of boats use the nearby ocean inlet weekly, including many that take advantage of productive fishing offshore.



Jamestown Rhode Island

For thousands of travelers intent on reaching the busy streets of Newport, Conanicut Island is just a mile-long strip of highway bookended by two bridges.



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