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Boating Destination Reviews for Travelers Along the Eastern Seaboard

Soaking up summer

 Longtime cruisers indulge in their favorite summertime destinations up and down the East Coast

From Maine to Florida, here are five favorite stops to take in everything the season has to offer.Soundings contributing writer Mary Drake and her photographer husband, Bob, have been wayfaring together for over 25 years up and down the east coast. Here, they provide brief descriptions of five of their favorite haunts.



Block Island, Rhode Island

Block Island holds a special place in the hearts of boaters. You have to complete a 12-mile passage to get there, then pick your way into Old Harbor or maybe battle a headwind through New Harbor’s channel.

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Stonington, Connecticut

Gourmet cuisine, upscale shopping, yachty pubs, historic sites, Dodson Boat Yard — who knows what draws boaters to Stonington Borough, the town’s narrow, mile-long peninsula.



Key West, Florida

Key West. Just the name of America’s tropical island-city makes many boaters yearn to shuck their mainland shackles and cruise south — for racing, fishing or just hanging out.



St. Marys, Georgia

This jewel of a Southern village — an easy 3-mile cruise up the St. Marys River from Intracoastal Waterway Mile 712 — boasts friendly locals, picturesque gingerbread homes and buildings along five downtown blocks and hundred-year-old live oaks arching over the roads. Lang’s Marina’s two facilities bookend the busy commercial waterfront.



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