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Boating Destination Reviews for Travelers Along the Eastern Seaboard

Tilghman Island

Photos by Bob Grieser

It may be Tilghman Island’s highest accolade that when asked “What do people do around here?” third-generation waterman Capt. Wade Murphy answers, “There’s isn’t a lot to do on Tilghman.”



Workboat regatta in Grenada

Photos by Bob Grieser

Brace  yourself. From the smack of sizzling barbecue to the din of sails snapping in a stiff breeze and a riot of boats so colorful even the tropical sun cannot tame their hues, Grenada’s Scotiabank Workboat Regatta is a full-on assault of the senses.



The Circle of life

The Down East Circle Route rewards cruisers with spectacular scenery, fine food and friendly locals

A typical scene in the Canadian MaritimesCruising amid majestic scenery, foreign cultures, friendly locals and abundant wildlife: That’s how Chuck and Andrea Wistar sum up the Down East Circle Route. The Annapolis, Md., couple spent 90 summer days cruising the 2,400-mile circuit around New England and the Canadian Maritimes aboard their Selene 53, Celebrate.



Cruise with the help of Capt. Cheryl Barr

Barr wrote her guides to the Down East Circle Route and Canadian Maritimes from her own experiences.After a frustrating, often wind-against-tide cruise down the St. Lawrence River in 2001 with no guidebooks, Capt. Cheryl Barr decided to write her own. “A Complete Cruising Guide to the Down East Circle Route” follows a 2,400-mile clockwise cruise from New York City to the Great Lakes, down the St. Lawrence River, through the Canadian Maritimes, then south along the New England coast.



Island allure

Photos by Onne van der Wal

The islands beckon — the warm breezes, the friendly people, the rum punches and reggae bands. “Don’t worry, don’t hurry, take it easy.” Yet more than anything else it is the island waters that stir our imagination and remind us that there is more to life than the 9-to-5 treadmill, the cold and gray winters — and “Survivor.”



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