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Boating Destination Reviews for Travelers Along the Eastern Seaboard

Beautiful beacons

Lighthouses, intrinsic features of coastlines, double as beautiful works of architecture.



Traveling the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway

Traveling the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway:



Bay windows: iconic Long Island houses

bay1Two small boats carrying 10 visitors pulled away from the village dock in Freeport, New York, and headed down Long Creek toward the open water. They soon approached a ramshackle wooden house on pilings with a “No Wake Please” sign mounted on the end of its long plank dock. Two American flags flew from staffs flanking the house, identified by a sign over its door as “Wally World.”



Baltimore’s Liberty ship is a labor of love

The John W. Brown is a museum ship and a memorial to those who served aboard her.The yacht club’s T-shirt reads: Clinton Street Yacht Club: My yacht is 7,176 tons of gray steel because it is the official off-duty hangout of the crew of the SS John W. Brown. And the shirt almost always has grease on it, since it is a reward to the hardest workers on the Brown, one of two surviving Liberty ships from World War II.



Blue crabs, poached fish and powdered booze

Sitting at my perch as the last piles of snow on the docks melted, the vision of May in the Bay was a marvelous thing, indeed. If you are a regular reader of this column, perhaps you remember my prediction of a mild winter in the eastern United States. In reference to that prediction, I received the following email from an old friend in Maine:

Question: What do Peter Bass and the Farmer’s Almanac have in common?

Answer: Both forecasted a mild winter for 2014-2015.



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