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Did a fire on board sink the Titanic?

TitanicIt may have been fire, not ice, that sank the Titanic. A new Smithsonian Channel documentary suggests that a smoldering coal fire was to blame for the 1912 disaster that killed 1,500 people some 400 miles south of Newfoundland.



VIDEO: Harland & Wolff: builders of the Titanic

Harland & Wolff: builders of the Titanic.



Eight bells for the ‘perfect storm’ cutter

perfectstorm1The storied Coast Guard cutter Tamaroa, which served with distinction for more than a half-century, will be remembered as an unrelenting workhorse as she goes to her final resting place as an artificial reef off the New Jersey-Delaware coast.



Cruising couple abducted twice in eight years

piratesKidnapped by Somali pirates eight years ago, a German cruising couple was abducted again in November, this time by Muslim militants in the southern Philippines who shot, killed and possibly raped the skipper’s wife, a Philippine army spokesman says.



A place to honor the men and women of the Coast Guard

cg_museumOn Feb. 18, 1952, the Coast Guard rescued 70 men from the tankers Fort Mercer and Pendleton, which broke in half off Cape Cod, Massachusetts, in a brutal nor’easter. The story of Boatswain’s Mate First Class Bernard  Webber and his crew of three, who headed into 60-foot seas and 70-knot winds in the 36-foot Motor Lifeboat CG-36500 to rescue 32 crewmembers from the stern section of the 503-foot Pendleton, is the stuff of legend.



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