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Making a case for mandatory education

Sen. Charles Schumer has introduced legislation requiring capacity limits for boats larger than 20 feet.The legacy of the tragic Kandi Won accident that claimed the lives of three children may be safer waters. Safety officials from states that have some form of mandatory education maintain that an educated boater is a safer boater.



A 'dumb decision to swim pays off in five lives saved

John Franklin Riggs runs a 50-foot workboat out of Rock Hall, Md.Earlier this summer, a strong southerly breeze whipped up Tangier Sound, an isolated and beautiful body of water along Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Marshes teemed with ducks and other birds. Low islands seemed to float on an expanse of blue, like green oases in a classically remote Chesapeake Bay seascape.



The boat went down ‘just like the Titanic’

Capt. Scott McWilliams had restored the 1982 42-foot Tartan and was planning to crusie to Mexico with his wife.Squalls blew in shortly after midnight May 16, eclipsing the starlit sky off Florida’s Gulf Coast. The finish line of the fourth annual Bone Island Regatta lay more than 100 miles to the south in Key West as Leila B, a 1982 42-foot Tartan, surged through the moderate chop with the lee rail under in the 25-knot wind.



Has the Cup gone off the rails?

AC72s are powered primarily by a rigid wingsail and are capable of heart-pounding speeds.Have the America’s Cup designs reached a point where they are “too big, too fast, too light” to be safe? No, I do not believe that this is the case.



A floating home is not a 'vessel'

The San Francisco Bay Area of city of Sausalito, Calif., is known for its houseboat community.Tangle with Fane Lozman at your own risk. The city of Riviera Beach, Fla., did in a case that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Was Lozman’s floating home a vessel? By a 7-2 vote the justices agreed with him that it was not.



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