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Historian says ship was doomed

Historian David Roberts says there is not much known about the Barbara, but there are records of her being constructed as a large square-rigger in Sunderland, near Newcastle, on England's northeast coast in 1877.



'So simple, so easy, yet so devastating'

A mother's lament after one of the most common of accidents, falling overboard, takes her son's life

Hemingway's Maritime Patriot 23 eventually beached itself on Nantucket with his wife and children aboard.The sea is uncompromising, it is impersonal, and it is blind to a mariner's hard-earned experience. It can exploit the slightest misstep and give it a tragic turn.



Crash highlights perils of night boating

Erica Blizzard was convicted of negligent homicide for failing to post a proper lookout

Erica Blizzard drove the Formula 370 Super Sport into a vertical granite outcropping on Diamond Island.The manager of a New Hampshire marina was sentenced to at least six months in jail and must pay the state $4,000 to promote boating safety for driving her 37-foot powerboat into an island, resulting in the death of her best friend.



Safety takes a proactive approach

Today's boater has an array of electronic safety devices if trouble strikes on the water

The fatal accidents involving Erica Blizzard and Jonathan Hemingway illustrate how even experienced skippers can face tragic results if they fail to practice prudent seamanship.



Questions raised in tall ship sinking

Why didn't Concordia right herself? And why was there a 26-hour delay in mounting a rescue?

The 188-foot steel-hulled barkentine Corcordia sank in about 20 minutes after being knocked down in a suspected microburst.The sinking of the tall ship Concordia off Brazil has raised questions about the 26-1/2-hour delay in launching a rescue as well as the vessel's stability. But the evacuation of the 188-foot three-master without loss of life was unquestionably a feat of crew discipline and training that prevented misfortune from escalating into tragedy.



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