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Occasional errors can render GPS temporarily unreliable

n_18_indepthGPS accuracy - its ability to fix a position - occasionally degrades for short periods in a limited number of locations, so it's not a good idea to depend on a GPS/chart plotter alone for navigating, says Bob Markle, president of the Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services. The commission is an organization of government, commercial and educational entities that helps develop policies and standards for navigation and communications systems.



Operation Flier: a sub, a crew, a rescue

n_20b_indepthEight men lived when the USS Flier struck a mine during World War II. Douglas A. Campbell retraces their path as they evaded enemy capture



Master navigator shared his secrets

21_navigator_01Mau Piailug preserved the art of navigating vast stretches of open water without instruments



‘Life will never be completely the same’

N20.ABBYTeen sailor Abby Sunderland recounts her dismasting and rescue - and looks ahead to another solo attempt



World-class sailors and others chime in

N21.RESCUEI must confess that I'm not risk-averse. Quite a few years ago, at the age of 19, I enlisted in the Marine Corps and requested duty in Vietnam. A few years after finishing my service and following the completion of my undergraduate degree, I started and ran my own construction company with my younger brother. Fast forward a few years and I became immersed in the world of sailing. Multiple round-the-world races on record-setting boats, speed records through the Southern Ocean, and scores of races and transoceanic passages testify to that fact.



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