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‘Life will never be completely the same’

N20.ABBYTeen sailor Abby Sunderland recounts her dismasting and rescue - and looks ahead to another solo attempt



World-class sailors and others chime in

N21.RESCUEI must confess that I'm not risk-averse. Quite a few years ago, at the age of 19, I enlisted in the Marine Corps and requested duty in Vietnam. A few years after finishing my service and following the completion of my undergraduate degree, I started and ran my own construction company with my younger brother. Fast forward a few years and I became immersed in the world of sailing. Multiple round-the-world races on record-setting boats, speed records through the Southern Ocean, and scores of races and transoceanic passages testify to that fact.



A telling reaction

N23.DEPARTURESunderland critics doth protest too much, and it's a sign of troubled times



Gulf oil spill: the devil's cocktail

Add hurricane winds to the oil-and-water mix, and Southern coasts could face a surge of slime

Wildlife seervice personnel prepare to net an oiled pelican off Louisiana.On June 1, the Atlantic hurricane season kicked in, the red snapper season opened, and more than a half-million gallons of oil a day continued to spew from the Deepwater Horizon well into the Gulf of Mexico.



The fading glory of working waterfronts

Coastal Maine communities that once thrived on the sea's bounty are facing the end of an era

The Stinson fisherman stood watch over the last U.S. sardine cannery. Lela Anderson took her first job in a sardine cannery when she was a sophomore in high school, and except for a few summers picking blueberries, she has worked on the packing line stuffing sardines in tins most of her adult life.

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