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The Sasses’ Short List

George and Stacey Sass have decided to downsize from their 43-footer, but what boat might fill the bill?

Aspen C90

Developed by Larry Graf, who started Glacier Bay Catamarans, this is an innovative power cat design that features asymmetrical hulls, with a single diesel. www.aspenpowercatamarans.com

The newest of the popular Ranger Tugs designs, this trailerable tug is packed with yacht-like amenities and powered by a single diesel. www.rangertugs.com

Nordic tug 26

Nordic Tug 26

This is a redesign of the little tug that started it all. It’s good-looking, well-built and powered by a single diesel. www.nordictugs.com

North Pacific 28

North Pacific 28 Pilothouse

Designed by Chesapeake Marine Design and built in the Far East, this is a lot of boat for the money. www.northpacificyachts.com

Padebco 27

Padebco 27

This Maine-built Down Easter is absolutely beautiful and available with twin outboards. A new one is priced out of our range, so we’d have to find someone willing to part with theirs. www.padebco.com

Caledon 27

Caledon 27
Built in Ontario, this is an extended version of the 25 and is efficiently powered with twin 90-hp outboards. The attractive interior features plenty of warm, traditional woodwork. www.caledonboatworks.com

Rosborough 246

With a cult-like following, this pocket cruiser has a reputation for being well-built and seaworthy. It’s available with a single diesel; twin outboards are the more popular power option. www.rosboroughboats.com

C-Dory Tomcat 255

Powered with twin 150-hp outboards, this is one fast power cat (40 knots wide open throttle and 20 knots cruise). It sports the same salty looks and quality build as the C-Dory line of monohull cruisers. www.c-dory.com

Cutwater 26/28

Cutwater 26/28

This new line of diesel cruisers is from the folks at Ranger Tugs, and it offers a host of clever design details to make cruising more enjoyable. www.cutwaterboats.com

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This article originally appeared in the July 2011 issue.

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