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Real life, not work: sailing Guildive

guildiveThere are two deeply evocative moments aboard the classic William Hand-designed motorsailer Guildive. One involves squatting down on the cabin sole to get an up-close-and-personal look at the original teak planks, redolent of sea salt, buffed by time — every scratch, pock and depression reflecting the wake of the ship’s nearly 80 years on the sea.



Waterfront home: Maryland house is a gateway to the bay

wf_dockTheir location on protected Cockey Creek in Pasadena, Maryland, inspired Matt and Jenny Knoepfle to rebuild their 1940 house, melding historic charm and contemporary style. Eight years later, they want to move closer to family.



Seascapes: Waterman’s half acre

watermanChesapeake Bay has been Nancy Hammond’s font of inspiration for 40 years. Though born and raised in upstate New York, the 74-year-old artist has spent much of her adult life along the Bay’s shores and cruising its waters on her sloop, Northern Spy.



Cuba: chartering a bareboat

cuba_harborFor the crew of Velasquez, one of the best moments on the south coast of Cuba this spring was the day they caught a big red snapper while sailing off Cayo Macho de Afuera.



Rite of passage: Sailing on the USCG Barque Eagle

eagle_leadModern life is complicated. I needed a car, a bus, a train and a taxi to get to my square-rigger. When no cabs could be had, a young police officer offered me a lift. Musing on my last conveyance in such a vehicle, I thought, My, how a touch of gray can change your circumstances.

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