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The ethereal fleet Of Mallows Bay

mallows2Only 30 miles downstream from bustling Washington, D.C., lies Mallows Bay, home of the largest maritime burial ground in the Western Hemisphere. Here, in this somewhat peculiar, remote spot off the Potomac River, more than 100 World War I-era wooden steamships and other abandoned vessels rest eternally, cast off as obsolete, their working lives abruptly curtailed.



Waterfront home: A family property in Deltaville

deltaville1The boating lifestyle drew Bobby and Bonnie Weis to Deltaville, Virginia, the self-proclaimed “Boating Capital of the Chesapeake.”



Seascapes: Foggy regatta

Roffo,FoggyRegatta_ccThere’s something about sailing in fog. The swirling mist, with its smells and sounds, creates a sense of timelessness. Boats move in and out of the shifting gray, and the outer world is veiled and silent.



Waterfront home: An historic home on the Bay State coast

wf1Jay and Bonnie Noonan’s home stands prominently above the harbor in the downtown Old Shipbuilder’s Historic District of Duxbury, Massachusetts.



Seascapes: Blown away

seascapesA squall. Two figures in a small boat. The mainsail is blown, the little craft scudding before the wind. Using a subtle gray-tone palette and an uncanny feel for the sea and its elements — wind, wave and weather — Winslow Homer created a story, a drama. Here is the moment when the sea gets the upper hand; the sailors are in trouble. It’s a feeling anyone who has been caught out can relate to.



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