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Port Townsend Boat Show

Port Townsend Boat Show - An Ongoing Celebration of Wooden Boats:


Seascapes: floating palaces

Steamships - Majestic Boats of Another Era:


Waterfront homes: Narragansett Bay is this home’s playground

waterfront_1116When Bob and Betty Adam bought their ranch house on Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay 24 years ago, it was basically a shack. “When I came along, the brothers who inherited it weren’t using it much,” Bob Adam says. “The good Lord wanted me to have it, so I got a very good price.”



Seascapes: Sturgeon Bay Tugs

SturgeonBayTugsOver the years, a marine artist can form a strong feeling for the region in which he or she works, be it Chesapeake Bay, the Maine coast or the Caribbean. For Rick Brawner, there’s no better place to paint than Door County in Wisconsin. “What could match spending an early morning in a cozy harbor like Sturgeon Bay, surrounded by tugboats just waiting to be painted on canvas, while listening to the gulls call and smelling the fresh breeze off Lake Michigan?” the Green Bay native asks.



Waterfront home: A Wright-inspired riverside home in Jacksonville, Florida

wf_jacksonvilleSuzanne Paul moved into her Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1977, and she has strived to maintain the house the way it was built 20 years earlier. She kept the open floor plan, exposed beams, natural wood and brickwork, and added stained-glass windows to brighten the great room.



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