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Waterfront homes: ‘Wilderness’ views of the Connecticut River

waterfrontThe perfect house for passionate boaters is what Alan and Joyce Ortner sought in 2002 when they designed and built a three-story contemporary home on the Connecticut River.



Up for repairs

seascapesHauled for work, the J. Roberts Bateman rests on blocking in a yard in Cambridge, Maryland. She was built in Greenwich, New Jersey, for the Bivalve Packing Co., launched in 1928 and has been a workboat ever since. Once a proud schooner, she was converted to power and today is home-ported in St. Michaels, Maryland, as an oyster buyboat and seed boat.



Waterfront homes: ICW views and the ocean is a mile away

waterfront“Every day I thank God for letting me live here with this gorgeous view,” Lonnie Petrinko says of the home she and her 67-year-old husband, Vic, own in Ponce Inlet, Florida.



Seascapes: Iced in

seascapes“It is interesting to see schooners in early winter set in ice along the coast of Maine,” says Annapolis, Maryland, artist Leonard Mizerek. “They seem to be locked in a prison of ice till the first melting comes in early spring. When painting this piece, I wanted to tell the story of Mother Nature’s hold on these wooden vessels as they sit.”



Foxy’s Caribbean: An island king and the bar that made history

foxy1Nestled among sea grapes and coconut palms in the corner of a stunning Jost Van Dyke beach, Foxy’s Tamarind Bar still waits invitingly for thirsty sailors. A British Virgin Islands beacon for nearly 50 years, it’s 100 percent laid-back despite celebrity sightings, media hype and a world-renowned reputation. Chalk that up to Foxy Callwood, a one-off West Indian philosopher.

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