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Waterfront home: An historic home on the Bay State coast

wf1Jay and Bonnie Noonan’s home stands prominently above the harbor in the downtown Old Shipbuilder’s Historic District of Duxbury, Massachusetts.



Seascapes: Blown away

seascapesA squall. Two figures in a small boat. The mainsail is blown, the little craft scudding before the wind. Using a subtle gray-tone palette and an uncanny feel for the sea and its elements — wind, wave and weather — Winslow Homer created a story, a drama. Here is the moment when the sea gets the upper hand; the sailors are in trouble. It’s a feeling anyone who has been caught out can relate to.



Waterfront homes: Island home bears indelible stamp of Maine

wf1jpgWhen you imagine a traditional Maine cottage — shingle-style, prominently located, overlooking island-dotted waters — you’re describing Ed and Laurie Blain’s home on Bailey Island in Harpswell.



Seascapes: Twilight calm

seascapesJohn Barber was 7, walking the beach at Cape Hatteras with his family, when he came upon a man sitting under an umbrella with an easel set up. “He was painting a scene of the Hatteras lighthouse,” recalls Barber.



Waterfront homes: ‘Wilderness’ views of the Connecticut River

waterfrontThe perfect house for passionate boaters is what Alan and Joyce Ortner sought in 2002 when they designed and built a three-story contemporary home on the Connecticut River.



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