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The crown jewel of the fall boat shows

The Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show promises to be a kaleidoscope of boats, accessories, events and venues, from nuts-and-bolts seminars for anglers and cruisers to a 228-foot expo yacht that will showcase fine art and jewelry, host gala parties and deliver five-star dining in two restaurants.



Find your boat at one of these shows

Check our listing to find the many opportunities to check out all the new boats at upcoming shows.



The smart buyer: A look at the lending climate

After the recession, consumers became accustomed to loan terms that were less favorable. Now marine lenders say the public’s tolerance is shifting to frustration over the “new normal” as the more stringent lending criteria linger.



Superb sights and sailing in Bay State harbor

This home in Marion, Mass, has a bulkheaded waterfront and a private dock.Great sailing, warm water and wonderful family gatherings: That’s how Dick Godfrey of Santa Barbara, Calif., remembers his parents’ home on the inner portion of Sippican Harbor in Marion, Mass.




The storied 50-foot schooner Niña, once considered one of America’s greatest ocean yachts, disappeared on the brutal Tasman Sea

The search covered an area eight times the size of New Zealand.The 85-year-old staysail schooner Niña, a fabled 50-foot (LWL) ocean racer that once was the flagship of the New York Yacht Club, disappeared without a trace on the stormy Tasman Sea with its American owner, his wife and 17-year-old son, and four crewmembers.

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