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Stormy Weather

Illustration by Jim Ewing

Don’t know why there’s no sun up in the sky, stormy weather.

Lena Horne was playing the Montauk Manor resort and singing the sultry 1933 song when New York yachtsman Philip LeBoutillier overheard the lyrics. It was inspiration. At last, he had the name for the yacht 25-year-old Olin Stephens was designing for him: Stormy Weather.



Cozy living on a Florida barrier island

In 1996 Carl and Johanna Loth designed their house in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, with everything they wanted in a retirement home: a solar-heated indoor swimming pool, lots of space for family and friends, and easy access to boating waters and the Atlantic beach.



Quiet comfort on the Maryland shore

The dock at this Easton, Maryland, home has two 8,000-pound boat lifts.“The best location on the Eastern Shore” is how John Anderson describes the home he and his wife, Sharon, own in Easton, Md.

On protected Leeds Creek, their property is across the Miles River from St. Michaels, which is less than 4 miles by boat.



Reflections on a Summer Morn in Maine

Acrylic painting by Keith L. Reynolds

Keith L. Reynolds’ startling, distinctive style is a combination of the real and the surreal that sets him apart from other marine artists of his generation. Here he’s taken the ordinary — a Maine lobster boat depicted in painstaking detail — and set it in a plane of blue that’s made water by the faint ripples on the surface and the wavering reflection.



Valentine - The grand old lady of the river

Jody Dole photos

Herb and Sharon Clark still shudder at the memory of that day.

It started with the ringing of a telephone at 5:30 a.m in the fall of 2011.

“It was a friend calling,” says Herb, an Essex, Connecticut, businessman. “He said, ‘I see your boat lying on its side along the river.’ I said to him, ‘That’s impossible. She’s on a mooring in Essex harbor.’ ”



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