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In the Roaring Forties

Oil painting by Christopher Blossom

A full-rigged ship labors in heavy seas through the high latitudes of the Southern Ocean in this historic work by the noted artist Christopher Blossom. This part of the world is known to sailors as the “Roaring Forties,” the 40-degree latitudes where winds and waves sweep west to east around the globe almost uninterrupted.



The endearing appeal of a classic Whitehall

A Life In Boats

Rowing a Whitehall brought the writer back to the boating days of his youth.When I was a kid, almost every boat was built of wood, and rowing was how you got out to your mooring. Now inflatables have replaced just about every oar-powered pram, dinghy and dory.

In our family, the progression for young boaters was clear and unvarying for seven children: learn to swim before you could row, learn to row before you could sail, learn to sail before you could use a powerboat.



Fish On!

Our trio of fishing writers brings you the spring and early-summer forecast for their local waters:



Florida Keys - tarpon, snook, mahi, swords, snapper

Permit caught on light tackle at Sugarloaf KeyMarch and April are transition months in the Florida Keys, as winter winds die down and water temperatures rise. During this six- to eight-week period it’s possible to catch a variety of species that bridge both the winter and summer seasons.



The Chesapeake Bay - speckled trout, drum, rock, croaker

Monster speckled trout can be caught as far north as the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.Chesapeake Bay angling is ruled by the seasons, as is the case with many bodies of water on the East Coast. Sure, the Bay has its share of native species, but it’s the comings and goings of piscatorial targets such as striped bass, red and black drum, speckled trout, croakers and others that make it one of the most interesting places in the country to dip a line. And there’s no more exciting time than late spring and early summer, when things heat up and get truly interesting on this scenic piece of water.



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