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Sights and sailing at your doorstep

This home in Queenstown, Md., is on the Wye River and offers easy sailing to Chesapeake Bay. Floor-to-ceiling windows provide lots of light and water views.The great sailing on northern Chesapeake Bay, the Wye River and associated waterways brought Harry and Rebecca Barrick to Queenstown, Md., when he retired in 1985.



Historic home set in charming village

The private dock of the 1802 home in Wickford, R.I.,'s National Historic District accommodates the owners' center console runabout (right) and a neighbor's fishing skiff.Wickford’s historic charm, walkability and nearness to Narragansett Bay’s great sailing convinced Bob and Betty Sue Reed to purchase an 1802 home in the 375-year-old Rhode Island village’s National Historic District.



All paws on deck

A Nordic Tug, three golden retrievers and many nautical miles — it doesn’t get any better for this cruising couple

The Minards have logged 12,000 miles with various canine crewmenters.The cry goes out aboard the Nordic Tug 42: “Fish!” Three retrievers hover expectantly around the pilothouse door, wet noses twitching, tongues out and golden fur rustling in the sea breeze.



Where to find help

ActiveCaptain is an interactive Web-based cruising guide with content generated by a network of boaters worldwide. Besides the standard cruising guide stuff — weather and tides, marinas, local points of interest — there’s also a wealth of material on cruising with dogs.



Are you sure it’s for you?

A trained 'crew' is extremely important.Before you bring a dog aboard, there are some important things to consider, says Mary Minard, who has logged 12,000 cruising miles with canines.



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