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7. Words for the wise

I grew up with field guides for fish, shells, seabirds and the hundreds of other denizens of the shallows and the deep. As a boy, I not only wanted to know their names but also their habits and habitats, their food, range, migration and so on.



8. Bare it all

We had gotten under way early in the morning to see the tall ships that were visiting New London, Connecticut. Many of them were still anchored in Long Island Sound when we arrived, so we had a wonderful opportunity to motor around, shooting pictures and taking in the spectacle as the fleet prepared to enter the Thames River.



9. Stroll the docks at a wooden boat show

Hard is the heart that can resist the sun glinting off varnished mahogany or the sparkling reflection of water in the glass above a deck compass. Old wooden yachts are magical and — be careful! — seductive.



10. Get the kids hooked

There’s nothing quite like watching a kid’s face when the rod tip really starts thumping, and he or she realizes they’ve hooked a real live fish this time, not the bottom again.

“I’ve got one! I’ve really got one!”

That’s one of the sweet shouts of summer.



11. Explore!

I have a friend who likes to research new places to go in his 26-foot single-diesel pilothouse boat by looking at harbors and measuring distances on Google Earth. “Then I check the charts and go. It’s a great way to find new places,” he says.



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