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A showcase of art and elegance for the VIP set

The Fort Lauderdale boat show gets bigger this year with the addition of SeaFair, a 228-foot megayacht showcasing art, jewelry and collectibles paired with water-view fine dining.



The smart buyer - What a yacht broker can do for you

Brokers can assist buyers and sellers.A yacht broker provides buyers and sellers with the expertise they need to navigate the sales process. Here’s how a broker goes to the mat for you.



‘Running Tide’

Oil painting by Donald Demers

Don Demers was working on a little seascape, a painting of the Maine coast around Boothbay, with the sea, a tree-covered island and a picture-perfect sky. Then something happened.



Panoramic views, fine fishing on Maine coast

Chuck and Donna Berry’s home in South Bristol, Maine, offers a commanding view across Johns Bay and of the passing boats. Yet Berry is more enthralled by what he can catch in those waters. The avid fisherman, who retired at 45 to go fishing, now wants to spend even more time afloat seeking the big ones.



The Smart Buyer - Expert Advice for Attending Shows

I’ve conducted interviews over the years with many well-known boatbuilders, designers, naval architects, and propulsion and construction experts, and they usually offer advice that’s useful to boat buyers — tips that can help you navigate a boat show or guide you through the boat-buying process.



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