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Be a Cup rock star for a day

ACSailingSF will put you aboard Oracle Racing's IACC yacht from its 2003 challenge.We’ve come a long way from the days of Sir Thomas Lipton, poised at the helm of Shamrock in a suit and perky bow tie. The latest generation of America’s Cup yachts requires helmets and body armor and an unprecedented level of athleticism — and guts — from sailors competing aboard these high-tech racing machines.



The photographer of the early years

Peter Barlow’s images of boats — under sail, in repose, radiating the grace and beauty that first drew the young photographer to the water — were among the earliest to appear in Soundings, evoking the harmonious meeting of wind, water and boat.
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The Smart Buyer: Hiring a Captain to Move Your Boat

Ken Appleton is president of the Chesapeake Area Captains Association (CAPCA) and a retired Coast Guard captain who spent 26 years on active duty.There may come a time when you must hire someone to move your boat. There is no law that requires you to use a Coast Guard-licensed captain to do this, although your insurance company may.



Your own beach on Summerland Key

This five-bedroom home in the Florida Keys has a 300-foot dock with a boat lift and a free-form swimming pool ansd spa."When we were shown this house I liked the open plan and the hardwood floors,” says Claudia Gukeisen of Summerland Key in the Florida Keys, “but as soon as I stood on the porch and saw the dock, beach and ocean before me I knew this was my house.”



‘On Position’

Oil painting by Marek Sarba

The salvage tug Foundation Franklin out of Halifax, Nova Scotia — Capt. Harry Brushett in command — maneuvers in heavy seas to take up a tow during a stormy day on the Atlantic. It’s March 1944, and the stricken vessel is the Joel R. Poinsett, a U.S. Liberty ship laden with heavy machinery bound for the European theater.

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