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To the Rescue

Acrylic Painting by Keith Reynolds

The sea is quiet, its surface glassy. A square-rigger sits becalmed, wreathed in a light haze. A tugboat barely breaks the mirror surface; the only clue to its movement is the bow wave and a stream of gray smoke from its stack.



Fray on the Bay

San Francisco is hosting the America’s Cup for the first time in the history of the storied competition. Big winds, big catamarans, big crowds — it should be some spectacle

When the America’s Cup comes to San Francisco, so will an estimated 2.6 million more tourists than the city welcomes in a typical year. One of the longest-running international sporting events, the 11-week America’s Cup is also one of the largest — third only to World Cup soccer and the Olympics, as far as economic impact goes.

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San Fran lay lines

The San Francisco and Oakland international airports are the same distance from the America’s Cup Village and park: 13 miles as the crow flies. Public transportation options, such as Bay Area Rapid Transit, mean it’s not necessary to rent a car.



Be a Cup rock star for a day

ACSailingSF will put you aboard Oracle Racing's IACC yacht from its 2003 challenge.We’ve come a long way from the days of Sir Thomas Lipton, poised at the helm of Shamrock in a suit and perky bow tie. The latest generation of America’s Cup yachts requires helmets and body armor and an unprecedented level of athleticism — and guts — from sailors competing aboard these high-tech racing machines.



The photographer of the early years

Peter Barlow’s images of boats — under sail, in repose, radiating the grace and beauty that first drew the young photographer to the water — were among the earliest to appear in Soundings, evoking the harmonious meeting of wind, water and boat.
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