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Miami heat

The Yacht & Brokerage Show in Miami Beach and the Miami International Boat Show will have you dreaming about a new season and a new pride and joy

The February boat shows in South Florida hold a special place in the hearts of boaters from areas where the season doesn’t run 365 days a year. The Miami International Boat Show and the Yacht & Brokerage Show in Miami Beach, which run Feb. 13-17, provide a merciful escape to warm sunshine and balmy breezes when many folks have reached a breaking point.



A cape with country ambience on Hodgdon Island in Maine

The three-bedroom cape has a dock with unobstructed access to the Sheepscot River and the Atlantic.Twelve years ago, Neil and Sheila Blake of Boothbay, Maine, built their dream home on a waterfront field where he played as a child. They designed their year-round, expandable three-bedroom cape on Hodgdon Island to take advantage of the views of Sheepscot Bay and the channel to the Sheepscot River.



Daunt Rock Lightship Rescue

Oil painting by Tim Thompson

Tim Thompson’s dramatic painting depicts a moment during the 76-hour rescue of the crew aboard the Daunt Rock lightship in a three-day gale in February 1936.



Reporting the news and having a blast - Soundings at 50

This is my second go-round with Soundings. I spent about five years in Essex, Conn., in the mid- to late-1990s, mostly as a staff writer and then as managing editor for the final year. We wore flip-flops and shorts to work. We mapped out editorial calendars on midmorning drives for coffee.



Miami Boat Shows

Ahhh, Miami. Is there ever a bad time to go? If you’re a boat nut, it’s hard to beat mid-February, when the Miami International Boat Show and the Yacht & Brokerage Show (pictured) come to town.



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