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3. Supermoon on the rise

For those who enjoy casting a skyward eye, August presents three opportunities to be swept up in astrological grandeur. The first occurs Aug. 10, when the full moon coincides with perigee, the closest point in its elliptical orbit around Earth.



4. Find an island

I’ve been fortunate to spend a large part of my life living on islands that range from remote and minuscule to Manhattan. Many might say Manhattan doesn’t count, but no one who has lived there would agree. It’s true that the vertical nature of the city draws your eye up — you need to venture to the city’s edges or heights to see the water that surrounds you. But there’s no going anywhere without a bridge or a tunnel or a ferry.



5. Build a fire on the beach

Clambakes are fun, signature events of summer. But there’s nothing like sitting around a simple beach fire with family or a few friends to make a summer evening really special.

There’s something about staring into a driftwood fire, with everyone’s faces alive in the light, that makes you sense your dusty ancestors.



6. Unplug and reconnect

Like many of us, I spend more and more of my life tethered to a bevy of electronic devices — smartphone, laptop, desktop, tablet. Am I ever without my phone?



7. Words for the wise

I grew up with field guides for fish, shells, seabirds and the hundreds of other denizens of the shallows and the deep. As a boy, I not only wanted to know their names but also their habits and habitats, their food, range, migration and so on.



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