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Walking the Plank: Terry Ingels

terry_ingelsTerry Ingels’ first command was her own 25-foot Cape Dory sailboat at the mouth of the Chesapeake at age 18. Her most recent was an 82-foot Viking sportfisherman that cruised between the Viking factory in New Jersey and New England. In between, there have been Browards, Burgers, Palmer-Johnsons, Lazarras, Westports, Deltas, Sunseekers and Feadships — some as large as 150 feet.



Wildest dreams: A return for the SS United States?

ss_us_classicSS United States, the biggest, fastest, most glamorous of the U.S.-built ocean liners, may be put back into service as early as 2018 as the crown jewel of Crystal Cruise’s burgeoning luxury fleet if she can be brought back up to snuff after 20 hard years of languishing at Pier 82 in Philadelphia.



Walking the Plank: Capt. Jim Sharp

wtp_sharpeSay his name in certain salty circles, and you’ll notice a reverence in response. Capt. Jim Sharp has spent his long adult life on the water, loving (and piloting) more boats than most of us have even been aboard. He had a peripatetic childhood and a father who passed on his love of boats. At 12 he contracted polio and developed the grit to keep it from slowing him down.



Walking the Plank: Sara Faulkner

walking_plank_0716Sara Faulkner describes herself as a “real-life Valley Girl from L.A.” On the other hand, during Hurricane Katrina she helped rescue 48 people in one night — so don’t let your mind rush to images of Cher Horowitz from Clueless just yet.



A fine-art fix for a floating masterpiece


Two winters ago, on a family cruise through the West Indies, Kirsten Scott poked her head out of the cabin of the sloop Eleda and spotted another classic wooden sloop drifting, apparently crewless, through the anchorage on Dominica. She didn’t need her lifetime of sailing experience to know that should this lovely yacht make open water, it might not be seen again until landfall in Nicaragua. Dispatched in their vintage Lawley tender, Scott’s husband, Ross Gannon, and son, Olin, were soon aboard The Blue Peter and secured her to a mooring in the upper harbor.



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