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Carried away

carried1Dave Browne bought his 1987 commercial lobster boat, a Calvin Beal design, just two days after laying eyes on the 30-footer. She was bundled up for the winter and on the hard in Wareham, Massachusetts.



Keeping it real

keeping1The bright, midafternoon sun is beating down on Satori, a Jeanneau 53, as she floats placidly in her slip in Marina del Rey, California. I’m waiting for Blake Mycoskie, the founder and “chief shoe giver” of the TOMS One for One empire, and he is running late.



Walking the Plank: Linda and Steve Dashew

plankIf you’ve ever seen Wind Horse — or any of the Dashew-designed FPBs (fast pilot boats) — you’d know it.



Blast from the past

blast1In a Long Island potato barn, a legendary Fife 8 meter yacht is being reborn

Photos by Peter Brauné

The agricultural North Fork of Long Island, New York, is known more for wine cultivation than for boatbuilding. So encountering a slender wooden 48-foot 1930s-era racing sailboat under construction in a cavernous potato barn is quite a surprise.



Walking the Plank: Jon Wilson

plankIt is by now the stuff of legend: Jon Wilson founded WoodenBoat Publications in September 1974 with the first issue of WoodenBoat magazine, which he published from his cabin — without electricity or running water — in North Brooksville, Maine.



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