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Better the second time around

A 1984 Sisu 22 renews one man's love for boating and he returns the favor with a complete restoration

n_24_featureSeventeen years ago Roland Robert bought a 7-year-old pocket cruiser powered by a sterndrive. It didn't take him long to regret it.

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It’s a winner

N26.DEVRIESRoger DeVries had put significant sweat equity into his 1974 Sea Ray, replacing the transom, deck and stringers and installing a new exhaust manifold on the runabout's 155-hp MerCruiser I/O. He had given the boat the foundation for a new life.



Why Bligh still stands tall

When modern-day adventurers sailed in William Bligh's wake, they got more than they bargained for.

Forty-eight days after setting out from Tonga, four sailors led by Australian adventurer Don McIntyre made landfall in Timor in the East Indies in their 25-foot boat, successfully retracing the epic 1789 open-boat voyage of Lt. William Bligh.



Adversity brought out the best in Bligh

The mutiny has been depicted in film (with Charles Laughton as Bligh) and in works of art. How many skippers have been called a "Capt. Bligh" by a crewmember after having made some gruff demand on the water? Probably quite a few.



The Bounty Boat skipper and crew

Based on photos, Don McIntyre looks to be a much jollier guy than William Bligh.

After coming in second in his class in the 1990 BOC around-the-world race, McIntyre, now 53, embarked on several Antarctic expeditions, both by sea and over the ice. He says he has been dreaming of following's Bligh's trail for 27 years.



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