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The Sawzall School of Boat Design

In his quest for perfection, Ken Sawyer has owned 25 yachts, three of which he's cut up and reshaped.

Now  retired, entrepreneur and avid boater Ken Sawyer has his sights on  designing the perfect motorsailer.Like most boaters, entrepreneur Ken Sawyer of Cushing, Maine, and New York City has dreamed for decades about his ultimate yacht - a handsome, superb-sailing pilothouse motorsailer that will cruise at 11 knots under sail or power.



From the drawing board: the Sawyer lineup

During Ken Sawyer's 39-year quest for the ultimate motorsailer, he and his Yarkitecture team have developed three semicustom lines of performance-oriented, seakindly yachts - sail, motorsailer and power.



Flooded with water, light and sound

Sawyer's Cushing, Maine, home blends yacht and architectural design elements, including port-light-style windows and gaff-rig curtains that can be reefed.Ken Sawyer's vision of home as a yacht in a harbor is being realized in Cushing, Maine, by 300-some craftspeople in 15-plus firms collaborating as Yarkitecture Design.
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Sam Devlin - Designer, builder, tinkerer

The master of stitch-and-glue will build you a boat or show you how to do it yourself

Devlin (here in his Olympia, Wash., office) says he builds boats with 'personality.'Taking US 101 west from Olympia on a crystal-clear day, it's obvious why the license plates refer to Washington as the Evergreen State. Pastures, meadows and forests frame the islands and the sparkling blue waters of Puget Sound against the backdrop of the jagged Olympic Mountains in the distance.

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The ins and outs of stitch-and-glue

"When I started out, wood-epoxy boat construction had the worst possible reputation," Sam Devlin explains.

Builders stitch the hull of a 33-foot Devlin lobster yacht."But it's improved." More than that, stitch-and-glue is "pure sanity" to Devlin.



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