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Rescues aren’t cheap

A subcommittee of the National Boating Safety Advisory Council says the average cost of a Coast Guard search-and-rescue mission when a GPS signal gives the location of the victim is $150,000. That figure jumps to $240,000 without GPS.



Into the breakers

When three factors conspire, it makes for a hell-ride through a notorious inlet

Hatteras Inlet in North Carolina is a proving ground for a Coast Guard boatswain's mate qualifying as a Motor Lifeboat coxswain.I grew up in Southern California, which is surely the most benign boating environment in the United States. Thanks to the region’s perfect weather, desert-like topography and a generally placid Pacific, the boating there usually ranges from serene to soporific.



When the going gets rough

Safely operating a boat in difficult conditions is a matter of your mind-set, your skills and your boat

Chris Fertig and his two-man crew were nearly halfway through a 780-mile passage from New York to Bermuda when confused 8- to 10-foot seas forced them to call off their attempt to break the Bermuda Challenge powerboat record.

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4 rough-water tips

Chris Fertig broke the Bermuda Challenge record in a 37-foot center console.Small-boat expert Chris Fertig highlights four important areas to be aware of when running offshore or in rough water.



The smart buyer - Sea-trialing a sailboat, part II

Editor’s note: This is the second in a two-part series about sailboat sea trials.

The sea trial is your chance to determine how a prospective boat performs. Last month I discussed the conditions the boat should be taken out in, putting her through her paces, how she sails, how she handles under power alone, and more. But the sea trial is also an opportunity to “live the boat.”



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