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Big adventures can come in small boats

SouthportNo matter the shape, style or size, most new boats seem to be beyond the means of the masses these days. Take center consoles: They’re up to 40-plus feet and equipped with three and four outboards. Average price for a 40-footer: $600,000 to $800,000.



Classics: Krogen 42

Krogen42In April 1974, naval architect James S. Krogen signed off on a design for a 42-foot “trawler yacht” in his office on Rice Street in Miami. Krogen, an avid sailor and commercial vessel designer, developed the design with Florida yacht broker Art Kadey — a cruising powerboat based on the hard-working shrimp boat, known for its rugged seakeeping capabilities.



Classics: Herreshoff 12½

Herreshoff12-5_ccColumbia, Resolute, Reliance — so many great boats came from the mind of Nathanael G. Herreshoff. But the graceful little daysailer shown here, which he designed in 1914, is the only one that bears his name. A century after this boat was first sailed on Massachusetts’ Buzzards Bay, the Herreshoff 12½ is an acknowledged classic, prized for its easy sailing, comfort and stability, with active fleets and a national association.

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Style and comfort highlight these sport utility boats

truenorthLook up the word “utility” in the American Heritage Dictionary, and you’ll find the following: used, serving or working in several capacities as needed. And when it comes to boats, that can be a tall order.



Ketch-rigged motorsailer makes a big impression in Canada

tough1Stout. It’s a profound word, short and to the point. Beer or boat, it doesn’t just describe something brave and bold or staunch and sturdy. It also expresses an attitude, something like “ready for everything, afraid of nothing.”



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