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Classics: Groverbuilt 26

grover26In 1986, the organizers of the New York National Boat Show invited a group of seafaring adventurers to talk to the public about their record-setting exploits. Among those in the group was a 58-year-old marina owner from Freeport, New York, a coastal town at the western end of Long Island. And did he have a tale to tell: He’d driven a 26-foot boat across the Atlantic — the first person to cross unassisted in an outboard powerboat.

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Big RIBs: They’re not just tenders anymore

tempestAbout 12 years ago, a friend and I drove a 16-foot Zodiac Medline RIB roughly 60 miles from Essex to Norwalk, Connecticut. My experience with inflatables had been limited to small, soft-bottom tenders, slowly putting through mooring fields or going ashore for lunch, so the comfort and performance of our RIB opened a whole new world to me. A RIB could be my only boat.



Classics: Whitehall

WhitehallSkiffMighty square-riggers, rugged coasting schooners, speedy packets and lumbering barges — ships of all types filled the harbors of 19th century America, doing commerce, building a nation. And buzzing around many of them was the Whitehall, carrying goods and doing business between ship and shore.



Building a versatile trawler

Nordic Tugs - Versatile Trawlers that are Always Ready for a Voyage:


Bringing Yankee back to life

yankee_renderingThe storied schooner Yankee was built by the Dutch government in 1897 as Loodschooner 4, a robust vessel that could go out in all kinds of weather and pilot ships to port in the stormy North Sea.



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