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Gentlemen of the Harbor

A day aboard a working tug in Baltimore

My valued friendship with one of the port of Baltimore’s senior tug captains enabled this small-craft sailor to experience the sights and sounds of the commercial harbor from the “other man’s” vantage point. The view from the wheelhouse led me to write “Gentlemen of the Harbor: Stories of Chesapeake Bay Tugboats and Crews,” from which the following is excerpted.



Lobster Boat kings Convene

These plank-on-frame builds from John's Bay Boat Co. show off their traditional lobster boat lines.A symposium in Castine, Maine, brings sailors and Down East boatbuilders together. 

Sailors who gathered in the Penobscot Bay village of Castine, Maine, this past summer for a weekend of classic yacht racing had a rare opportunity to learn about the history, development and construction of the Maine lobster boat from some of the foremost builders of these vessels, which — with the men and women who fish on them — are the foundation of the state’s $380 million lobster industry.



The tug Puma, Providence, R.I.

Photos by Michael Cevoli

Like a lot of rock-solid workboats, the tug Puma has been around the block a few times. She was built in 1962 by the Diamond Manufacturing Co. in Savannah, Georgia, for Turecamo Maritime, of Staten Island, New York, and started work as the Jean Turecamo, later renamed Puma.



Merritt 37

Illustration by Jim Ewing

Allen and Buddy Merritt, boatbuilders and fishermen out of Pompano Beach, Florida, are honored by the International Game Fish Association not only for their great accomplishments and contributions to the sport but also for their “remarkable boats.”



The Charles W. Morgan Returns to New Bedford

An excerpt from bestselling author Nathaniel Philbrick's remarks at the ship's New Bedford homecoming

The Morgan's speed and responsiveness surprised her crew. She's seen here crossing Buzzards Bay.O what a glorious day this is.

The last remaining American whaleship has returned to the place of her birth. Ladies and gentlemen, the Charles W. Morgan, the sole survivor of her kind, has returned to this great city of fellow survivors, New Bedford.



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