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Classics: E.C. Collier

classicsA 1987 article in the Chicago Tribune was frank in its assessment: “The E.C. Collier is dying.” The 52-footer is a two-sail bateau, a vee-bottom deadrise type of centerboard sloop known as a skipjack.



Sweet Freedom

An Uptown Girl's former Down Easter finds a happy home in Essex, Connecticut.The look is Down East, with a tall bow and sweeping sheer line, a traditional trunk cabin with eyebrow trim and an upright, open-sided wheelhouse. But this lobster boat hull is something else: a particular shade of blue that’s at once distinctive and alluring.

Sweet Freedom is a boat of a different color.



Snapshot of a Down Easter

Sweet Freedom is a Duffy 35 hardtop express that was built in 2000 by the Atlantic Boat Co. of Brooklin, Maine. She rides a built-down lobster boat hull with a fine forefoot and flat after sections “producing good speed and the excellent ride that Duffys are famous for,” says the builder.

This is a Down Easter with workboat roots as a platform for commercial fishing and lobstering, but she can be set up several ways for cruising — for example, with a galley-up or galley-down, and with a combination head and shower or a head with a separate shower.



Fishing Friendly

The details matter when you choose a ride.

The right boat is a critical component of the fishing equation.What makes a great fishing boat? I’ve fished all my life — mostly aboard center consoles and walkarounds from 20 to 35 feet, but also from express fishing boats, pilothouse vessels and convertibles.



Fishing boats - Center consoles

Regulator builds larger T-tops for its boats these days, as anglers are more aware of skin damage from the sun. The 28’s extends all the way to the gunwales, and over the leaning post and forward console seat. For weight savings, the builder cores the top with a composite foam in a vacuum-bagged resin-infusion process. The Lee outriggers have integral levers under the hardtop to easily position them.



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