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6 boats from some familiar names

Don’t be fooled by their appearance. Trawlers often sport a traditional look, but they’re also packed with the latest technologies and designed to make cruising more enjoyable and safer.



The Lord Nelson Victory 37

Turning heads and tugging at hearts

Peter Reich looks happy at the helm of his Victory tug, Teddy Bear.One look at the photo, and you can tell it was a beautiful evening — an autumn twilight when the crisp air smells of sweet wood smoke and seems to be warmed, just a little, by the golden glow of the fading sun.



The Stepped hull equation

Increased speed and efficiency are helping fuel the popularity of stepped-bottom boats

The next time you’re at a boat show, you might be surprised by the number of boats with steps built into their bottoms. A growing number of builders have turned to the stepped-hull design to offer boats that are faster and more fuel-efficient.




Leaders in the boating industry talk about stepped-hull boats.

A model of the first raceboat with a stepped hull - a 1910 John Thornycroft - can be found in Michael Peters' office at Michael Peters Yacht Design.



Innovation, technology and fishing go hand in hand

Gary CaputiPassionate anglers and forward-leaning boatbuilders continually drive change and new products. Here’s a look at what’s trending from angling expert Gary Caputi.



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