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Designed to circle the globe

Lyman-Morse built Stanley Paris' custom yacht with a suite of unique features for the journey.Barely 10 knots of wind. Considering how it normally blows in the Leeward Islands, that was a crude joke. Yet Kiwi Spirit’s red, blue and white hull sliced upwind as if she were under engine.




Illustration by Jim Ewing

No sailing ship excites the imagination the way a Grand Banks fishing schooner does. Brave fishermen, fearless skippers, weather-beaten dorymen long-lining in fog and winter storms. Although “Captains Courageous” — the 1937 film based on Rudyard Kipling’s novel — offers as accurate a portrayal as we’re likely to see of that life, the schooner Adventure is a living relic of that age.



Over the moon

Sam Devlin’s latest stitch-and-glue masterpiece is Moon River, a 48-footer designed as a pre-eminent dayboat 

Building boats from plywood, epoxy and fiberglass — a method called stitch-and-glue — has historically been associated with small craft such as dinghies and kayaks. But a designer and builder in the Pacific Northwest has expanded the boundaries of stitch-and-glue, building boats as large as 65 feet. Yup, 65 feet!



Pocket change

Thinking of changing to a smaller boat? Switching from sail to power? Here’s why pocket cruisers make sense.

Connecticut boaters Geoffrey Balshaw (left) and Bill Bucknall each switched from sailboats to a Nordic Tug 26.Pocket cruisers are gaining popularity for their efficiency and lower purchase and upkeep costs, and their appeal is resonating with baby boomers who are downsizing from bigger cruising boats or migrating from sail.



The small boat fleet

Seaway 24 Coastal Hardtop

The 24 Coastal Hardtop remains the most popular model in the New Hampshire builder’s 11-boat fleet, which starts at 18 feet.

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