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The essential elements of a center console

The Regulator 28FS is a serious fishing boat with plenty of family-friendly features.Joan Maxwell remembers when the suggestion that cup holders be included on Regulator center consoles prompted skepticism — even laughter.



One tough tender

Saved from the scrap heap by a lover of its design, the Fatty Knees has muscled its way back onto the water

When George Dow came across the 24-foot Bristol Channel cutter, he knew it was just the boat he had been looking for. But there was a hitch: He was equally attracted to the 7-foot dinghy lashed to its cabin top — and the dinghy wasn’t for sale.



A grand banks with a hybrid twist

A ketch rig on a trawler? Sails were just what she needed to help ease the pain at the pump

In addition to the rig, Jenny Lynn's keel and rudders were modified for better handling.At first glance the old ketch at anchor in Hampton, Va., looked to be a motorsailer, but as I drew closer I realized that wasn’t quite right. It had a ketch rig, but it really looked like an old wooden … Grand Banks? That couldn’t be right, could it?



The Corvette rides again

Nearly a victim of the recession, the 34-footer is billed as the 'world's biggest little yacht'

Forget for the moment that the boat is called Corvette. As an analogy, think Mini Cooper. Both the boat and the car were beloved in Great Britain, their country of origin. Both were restyled and reintroduced to the U.S. market by a new company. Both have a unique look, and both are small for their type. The Corvette is a 34-footer, and I took hull No. 1 for a spin.



Pride & Possibilities

Morgan Huntley’s Vanquish Boats is turning out a 24-footer he believes is right for the times

Morgan Huntley is a self-described former marina rat from New York with a passion for boats. The confident 31-year-old believes he will find success — even in shaky economic times — with his Vanquish Boats, which builds a 24-footer (25 feet, 8 inches LOA) in two versions.



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