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Hinckley Picnic Boat

Illustration by Jim Ewing

It came out of a Maine boatyard known for its superb sailboats, and it rocked the boating world as few designs have ever done. Suddenly the terms picnic boat, lobster yacht and Down East were on everyone’s lips.



Buddy Davis 61

Illustrated by Jim Ewing

For outright sex appeal and legendary fishability, there’s nothing quite like the Buddy Davis 61. The exaggerated bow flare, the huge foredeck, the soaring outriggers, the action station aft surrounded by gleaming teak, where a chrome-and-varnish fighting chair can take center stage — it’s eye-catching, to say the least.



European Invasion

Trawlers from the other side of the Atlantic are finding American fans

The Magellano 43 by Italial builder Azimut YachtsHaving been involved in the trawler market since the grand days of the first Grand Banks, Krogens, Island Gypsies, DeFevers and Marine Traders, I’ve enjoyed watching the evolution of this type of yacht during the past 40 years.



Cruising for a cruiser?

Consider the many kinds of “trawlers” in today’s market

The Krogen 48 AE's full-displacement hull is the most efficient of the three major forms, but you'll trade speed for fewer gallons per hour.Twenty-five years ago there was no question about what a cruising boat, or “trawler,” looked like. There were relatively few builders in the market space, and all of the vessels, whether built by Grand Banks, Willard, Kadey-Krogen or Marine Trader, operated mainly in the 7- to 9-knot range.



6 boats from some familiar names

Don’t be fooled by their appearance. Trawlers often sport a traditional look, but they’re also packed with the latest technologies and designed to make cruising more enjoyable and safer.



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