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Moving up to a pocket cruiser

Dave and JoAnn Leibman's Cutwater 28 is their fifth boat.Dave and JoAnn Leibman, 55 and 53, respectively, are experienced cruisers who live in Maple Valley, Wash., a suburb of Seattle. Now empty nesters — he’s a police commander and she’s a systems analyst for an investment firm — the couple wanted something more from the fifth boat they would own. Specifically, they wanted to move up from the cuddy cabin and sportboats they raised their family aboard.



Elco 42 Flat Top

The list of Elco motoryacht owners reads like a 20th century “Who’s Who”: Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Charles Lindbergh, Czar Nicholas II of Russia, Adm. George Dewey, Baron Nathaniel de Rothschild. John Jacob Astor had two of them. From 1893 through 1949, the Electric Launch Co. was among the premier custom motoryacht builders in the world, and it had a clientele that reached to the heights of society.



Hinckley Bermuda 40

Illustration by Jim Ewing

The emergence of fiberglass in the late 1950s represented the beginning of a sea change in yacht design and construction. At the forefront stood an up-and-coming designer and a well-known builder of wooden boats.



Rebirth of an icon

Canada’s floating ambassador sails again, thanks to those who are keeping Nova Scotia’s boatbuilding tradition alive

The new Bluenose IIThere are few places in the world more tied to the sea than the Maritime Provinces of Canada. And no place in the Maritimes is more legendary for boatbuilding, especially wooden boats, than the historic, picturesque town of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.



The builders of Bluenose

The Lunenburg Industrial Foundry, which provided the yard and the mechanical systems for the Bluenose project, is the largest shipbuilding and repair facility in Lunenburg Harbour. It has two marine railways capable of hauling yachts and ships, and its own metal casting and heavy-duty machining and fabrication shops. (www.lunenburgfoundry.com)



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