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Imagine GPS goes down. What happens next?

What if? It’s an interesting question that can revive boring dinner conversations and inspire books, such as Alan Weisman’s The World Without Us (one of my favorite reads) and Ted ... more

Bay windows: iconic Long Island houses

Two small boats carrying 10 visitors pulled away from the village dock in Freeport, New York, and headed down Long Creek toward the open water. They soon approached a ramshackle ... more

Big adventures can come in small boats

No matter the shape, style or size, most new boats seem to be beyond the means of the masses these days. Take center consoles: They’re up to 40-plus feet and ... more

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Get ready

Writing a monthly column has its challenges, though they’re not what you might think. It’s true that a good topic can be temporarily elusive, but a very early wake-up call summons a patch of quiet time and space to think. Deadline pressure and strong coffee...


Sea Savvy

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The sands of time: where sea meets land

A sinister trap for seamen and their vessels awaits in one of the world’s busiest and most important shipping areas. It has destroyed more ships of all kinds than we...


Tip of the Week

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How to drill stainless steel

- Now and again, if you do at least some of the maintenance work your boat requires, you’re going...


Used Boat Review

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Used Boat Review: Chris-Craft Commander 27

Boat buyers usually purchase with a particular vision in mind — cruising, fishing, living aboard. How much fun they have depends on how well the...


On Powerboats

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Dynamic instability: It’s as bad as it sounds

If you’ve ever been around the class of racing boats known as speed skiffs, developed along the New Jersey shore, you know that you can hear them coming long before...


New Boats

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Launched: Eastport 32 OBX

The Eastport 32 is a distinctive sight on the water, with its Chesapeake deadrise profile atop a Carolina sportfish underbody. Twin diesels have powered all of the Eastports launched thus far, but company owners Tom Weaver and Mick Price are...


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