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A female legend in a male-dominated sport

She was a beloved member of the French bluewater sailing “fraternity” who earned her nickname as the “Little Bride of the Atlantic” when in 1990, at the age of 33, ... more

Walking the plank - Quentin Snediker

The director of Mystic Seaport’s Henry B. DuPont Preservation Shipyard and the man who led the construction of the schooner Amistad and the restoration of the Charles W. Morgan lets ... more

Serial Monogamy

One man is true to many Wesmacs. Many sailors gravitate to powerboats so they can cover more cruising ground in their shrinking leisure time. But how many end up owning five ... more

From triumph to a vast fortune lost

Last fall deep-water salvors recovered 15,500 gold and silver coins, 45 gold bars and hundreds of gold nuggets from the wreck of the SS Central America in a treasure hunt ... more

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The heart wants what it wants

I don’t think I ever left the dock, in the many years I have owned Bossanova, when I didn’t feel a visceral thrill, a small flutter near my solar plexus. Few things have ever made me happier than clearing the jetties, locking open the port...


Sea Savvy

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More money, fewer problems? Not really

I’ve always wondered whether cruising would be more fun if I had a lot of money. I can’t speak from a wealth of experience, but I do believe that a...




Murphy the great

- The change may have taken place at a glacial pace and therefore may be unnoticeable to you. -...


Used Boat Review

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Cruisers 4450 Express

Kermit and Katherine Ruegamer had the dream, did the homework and made the plan. Now they’re ready to “rock ’n’ roll.” The Ohio couple has...


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Boats of all styles find their place on the water

The sea casts a wide net, calling to a range of personalities with disparate experiences and expectations, quirks and foibles. This diversity of personality is as obvious in boatbuilders as...


New Boats

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Boston Whaler 320 Vantage

Center consoles have dominated boat shows for the past few years, but the dual console — with its bow-to-stern seating and starboard sit-down helm — has grown in popularity, as well. Boston Whaler’s new 320 Vantage is the largest...


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