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Alan Bond dies: from Cup hero to convict

bondWhen Australia stunned the sailracing world in 1983 by wresting the America’s Cup from the United States after a 132-year winning streak, syndicate backer Alan Bond became a national hero Down Under, and a holiday was declared to honor the victory.



Grady-White’s new Coastal Explorer

grady-whiteThe Grady-White 191 CE Coastal Explorer touts a shallow draft (14 inches), fore and aft casting platforms and low gunwales for easy fish handling. But this 19-foot, 4-inch boat can also handle a stacked-up inshore chop and light-duty offshore runs, according to the builder.



First look: German Frers-designed Foggy

firstlookSNEAK PEEK: Brooklin Boatyard launched the German Frers-designed Foggy for sea trials in mid-June.



Better late than never

betterlate1New marine sanctuaries are a good start

If you follow environmental news, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by reports about the damage and stresses we humans put on the world’s oceans. The past 10 years, however, have also seen some bold initiatives by governments and conservation groups to preserve and protect the ocean’s bounty.



A new center console from Cobia

cobiaThe Maverick Boat Co. created the Cobia 277CC around a specific goal. “Deliver big-water performance and features in a manageable package,” says director of marketing Charlie Johnson. “It has seating for up to 10 and real creature comforts, but it still is a tournament-capable fishing boat. Conversion to and from a family boat to a serious fishing boat is easy and without sacrifices.”



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