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The Hull Truth: Codega to brief buyers at the Newport Boat Show

codegaThe most fundamental decision faced by boat buyers is a witch’s brew of physics and psychology. Buyers need to begin by asking themselves two questions: What kind of cruiser am I going to be and what hull design best reflects that lifestyle?



Feds sue fishermen for taking buoy ‘hostage’

buoy_0816Is it finders keepers or a kind of hostage-taking when a fisherman “rescues” an oceanographic buoy that was adrift and won’t return it to the U.S. Geological Survey until the government agency pays him for his trouble?



Voyage data recorder could hold clues to El Faro sinking

el_faroA team of scientists and investigators have found the voyage data recorder from El Faro, the cargo ship that sank during Hurricane Joaquin last fall with all 33 hands on board.



Fisherman found alive after two months adrift

fishermanFour men who ventured 300 miles off Colombia’s west coast in a 23-foot skiff to fish were set adrift when their boat’s engine failed. When a ship spotted the boat in the central Pacific two months later, only one of the fishermen remained.



A champion of our maritime heritage crosses the bar

stanfordNew York City was on the verge of losing the last remnants of its once-vibrant maritime hub in lower Manhattan in 1967 when Peter and Norma Stanford quit their uptown jobs to found the South Street Seaport Museum and saved dozens of historic treasures. The Stanfords are considered icons in maritime heritage circles, whose members fondly remembered Peter when he died March 24 at the age of 89.



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