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Yachtsman Bob Oatley remembered

yachtsman1Vale Robert Oatley started out as a man of modest means and built a business empire on coffee beans, wine and luxury resorts, but many will remember him as a yachtsman and a sailor. Oatley died Jan. 10 from a lung infection. He was 87.



Lost whaling fleet found at last

whaling1With the Arctic ice pack shrinking, NOAA archaeologists were able to explore the waters off Alaska’s North Slope and locate two of 33 whaling ships crushed and lost in the ice nearly 145 years ago.



An equal-opportunity Coast Guard leader

coastguardCapt. Todd Prestidge, the commanding officer of the Coast Guard Training Center in Cape May, New Jersey, welcomes on average 100 new recruits each week, 40 weeks a year. The men and women who sign on for the eight-week basic-training program are impressionable, and it’s Prestidge’s job to make a positive impression.



New Homeland Security boat to patrol Cape Cod and Islands

homelandThe Barnstable County (Massachusetts) Sheriff’s Office has received a $445,965 Homeland Security grant to buy and equip a Safe 31 radiation detection boat to patrol the waters around Cape Cod, and to train personnel to operate the vessel and its detection gear.

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In distress, they did everything correctly

distress1Coast Guard crews conduct more than 17,000 search-and-rescue missions each year in a wide range of conditions and situations. Reading reports of these missions, it’s clear that the crews often rescue people who are ill-prepared for the emergency. That was not the case with a rescue conducted this fall.



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