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Capt. Calamity is again boatless

Brit who surfs on a catamaran is 'rescued' for the ninth time at $4,000 a pop after capsizing

Glenn Crawley thinks of himself as a skilled sailor who likes to 'take a few risks, have a little adventure.'Glenn Crawley wants to set the record straight after trashing his second catamaran in the last four years - flipping for the 13th time overall - in angry surf off Newquay's beaches in Cornwall, England, where rescuers have taken to calling him "Capt. Calamity."




HEAVY LOAD:  The Columbia River Bar Pilots' 44-year-old boat Peacock, which was built in Germany and worked the mouth of the river from 1967 to 1999, is now on permanent display outside the Columbia River Maritime Museum in Astoria, Ore. Lifting the 80-ton 90-foot steel vessel required two cranes with a combined lifting capacity of more than 800 tons. The Peacock's final berth is 100 feet from the river's edge, beside Highway 30, the busiest route into Astoria.



Broach near ‘nasty’ inlet proves fatal

Charter captain is pitched from his sportfisherman's flybridge in breakers outside Florida's Jupiter Inlet



Operation Dry Water casts a wide net

n_14_coastwiseThe nationwide crackdown on drunken boating snags 322 skippers during a single weekend this summer



Storms packed punch, but coast was lucky

In this summer's hurricane crap shoot, people who live along the Eastern Seaboard rolled twice and won, as Danielle and Earl - two powerful late-summer Category 4 hurricanes - slid up the Atlantic coast without making landfall.



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