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Q&A Float Plans

Why should I file a float plan?

A float plan can save your life in an emergency, whether you’re heading offshore in a 60-foot sportfisherman or out paddling a kayak for the day. It contains vital information for rescuers and should be left with a reliable person who can be trusted to contact the proper authorities if you don’t check in or return as planned.
A float plan should include such information as:




A tiger shark prowls the sea floor in the Bahamas as marine conservationist and artist Guy Harvey shoots photos. The image is being used to promote “This is Your Ocean: Sharks,” a new documentary by George Schellenger that seeks to dispel misconceptions and myths surrounding these predators and promote global shark conservation. www.thisisyourocean.com

This article originally appeared in the December 2011 issue.


Treasure hunters must return a $500M haul

Odyssey Marine Exploration co-founder Greg Stemm (left) and project manager Tom DettweilerAn Atlanta appeals court upheld a lower-court decision ordering an undersea exploration company in Tampa, Fla., to turn over an estimated half-billion dollars in silver coins to Spain, which contends the treasure is from the wreck of a 19th century Spanish warship that is legally “immune” to the salvor’s claims.



Atlantic crossing becomes a wild ride

Two sailors feared lost in the North Atlantic in the remnants of Hurricane Katia turned up safe but tired in a fishing village on Ireland’s rugged southwest coast in late September after a weeklong air and sea search for their 32-foot sailboat.
“We knew exactly where we were. It’s just that no one else did,” says Frank Cooper, 62, the captain hired to deliver Golden Eagle from St. Thomas, U.S.V.I., to Bergen, Norway, with its 69-year-old owner, Arvid Moe.



Seamanship quiz

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute



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