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EPIRB avoids déjà vu in Florida waters

Rescued anglers were in the same area as the three football players who died in 2009 off Clearwater

Nearly a year after three football players died on an offshore fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico, another trio of anglers avoided the same fate - in the same area - because their 32-foot boat was equipped with an EPIRB and other survival equipment.



'Good morning, I'll be rescuing you today'

U.S. cruisers save three sailors whose boat sank after grounding on a reef in the South Pacific

Maurice and Sophie Conti, who were sailing around the world with their two young children, were recognized by the International Maritime Organization and the Cruising Club of America for rescuing three fellow cruisers in the South Pacific.Maurice Conti says they were lucky, but the International Maritime Organization says he and his wife showed exceptional bravery in rescuing three sailors after the trio's yacht, Timella, sank in the South Pacific after grounding on a submerged reef at night in breaking surf.



The America's Cup is America's again

BMW Oracle Racing makes a statement with two-race sweep over defending Swiss in racing off Spain

Capping off a long and litigious build-up to the 33rd America's Cup, U.S. syndicate BMW Oracle Racing's trimaran swept the Deed of Gift Match.After a 15-year absence, the America's Cup, yacht racing's most prestigious prize, has come home to the United States. Victory for the U.S. syndicate, BMW Oracle Racing, was swift and decisive.



There's still wind in Sir Robin's sails

At 70, the conqueror of the oceans accepts another award and hints at adventures yet to come

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston - who sailed around the world in the Velux 5 Ocean solo race at the age of 68 - has been awarded the Cruising Club of America's Blue Water Medal for his lifetime commitment to sailing, sail training and youth development.Four decades ago, when Sir Robin Knox-Johnston sailed around the world non-stop and single-handed - a feat never before achieved - it was a very different world. GPS hadn't been invented. Nor satellite phones. Nor EPIRBs.



Three couples, writer also honored

Cruising Club of America to present awards

A couple with more than 300,000 cruising miles between them who have wintered in the ice at both poles, a twosome who undertook a daring rescue in the South Pacific, and a husband-wife team who have circumnavigated east- and west-around on home-built boats were honored with the Cruising Club of America's 2009 awards, recognizing those who best exemplify dedication to cruising.



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