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Beneteau slips into joystick docking

Similar to powerboat systems, Dock & Go enables a sailboat to spin and move sideways or diagonally

Beneteau demonstrated its new docking system on a Sense 50 at the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Md., in October.Docking a 40- to 50-foot sailboat in strong crosswinds and currents is hard work, especially for a shorthanded crew or older sailors who might lack the physical ability to muscle the thing into a narrow slip.

And then there's the emotional drama.





This Boston Whaler photo is being used in advertising to tout the builder's unsinkable boats. For this version of its ongoing promotion, the largest boat in the fleet, the 370 Outrage, was swamped and then loaded with more than 40 employees behind the Edgewater, Fla., plant. A video of the photo shoot is available on the Boston Whaler website at



A prow for displaying American prowess

A Connecticut shipyard wins a wealthy businessman's trust and builds a 281-foot superyacht

Cakewalk project manager Capt. Bill Zinser (front row, green shirt and tan pants) with members of the yacht's crew.The 281-foot Cakewalk, launched this summer at Derecktor Shipyard in Bridgeport, Conn., is more than a superyacht. It's a statement. Cakewalk is "Made in the USA" like Harley-Davidson motorcycles and L.L. Bean's hunting shoes.

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Need a superyacht? Try U.S.

Building Cakewalk was no cakewalk, but Paul Derecktor, CEO of the U.S. yard that built her, says construction of the 281-foot yacht - the largest launched in America in 80 years - is good for Derecktor Shipyards and U.S. boatbuilding.



Dodge Morgan charted his own course

Brutally honest, the solo circumnavigator valued his independence, but he grew to value others

Morgan was the first American to sail solo and non-stop around the world.The interview lasted four hours and by the end I knew I wanted more. I had phoned Dodge Morgan at the suggestion of others. My assignment was to write a profile of yacht designer Ted Hood, whom Dodge had chosen in 1984 to create American Promise, the boat he would sail single-handed and non-stop around the world.

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