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Talkin' Boats

Tad Whitten of the Zeus and Axius Tour

Tad Whitten puts people at the helm of a joystick boat to show them the technology's capabilities.Tad Whitten may have more experience operating joystick-controlled boats than anyone in the country. Mercury Marine two years ago hired Whitten's company, Motorsports Management Inc. in Peoria, Ill., to demonstrate two propulsion systems that use joysticks - Cummins MerCruiser Diesel's Zeus pod drive system and MerCruiser's Axius sterndrive system.



Inaptly named Privacy no refuge for Tiger

Paparazzi stake out the Florida marina where the golfer keeps his 155-foot Christensen yacht

Tiger Woods' megayacht Privacy is back in the public spotlight.Irony of ironies. Tiger Woods' 155-foot yacht, Privacy, has been anything but the refuge the golf legend had hoped it would be.



No answers yet in San Diego tragedy

An 8-year-old boy dies when a Coast Guard vessel collides with a 24-foot Sea Ray at a holiday parade

The DeWeese familyThree separate investigations have been launched to determine why a 33-foot Coast Guard boat smashed into a 26-foot bowrider in San Diego Bay, killing an 8-year-old boy during a holiday boat parade in late December.



Twice-lucky sailor cheats death at sea

First, wrongly installed EPIRB activates, then, swimming blindly in the dark, he bumps into a life raft

Dennis Clements had placed his manually activated EPIRB backwards in its bracket, which is why it went off automatically when it got wet.Dennis Clements is the luckiest sailor alive.



Why Clements' EPIRB activated

Dennis Clements had a model-year 2000 ACR Satellite2 406 MHz EPIRB.

It was a manually activated beacon, according to ACR marketing manager Chris Wahler, who spoke to the sailor after his rescue. He had the EPIRB mounted in its bracket on a bulkhead inside the cabin near the companionway, says Wahler.



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