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Q& A - Boat Handling

What are some factors to consider when  negotiating an inlet?

It's often easier to safely go out an inlet than to come in. Your bow likely will be into the waves, you're looking ahead toward them, and you're choosing weather and conditions. When you go out an inlet, think ahead as to conditions that will exist when you re-enter, including weather, current direction, tide level, light, glare and direction of sun. Will it be in your eyes, making it difficult to see buoys ahead?



Antarctic adventure ends in tragedy

Jarle Andhoy (second from right) has led a changing crew of Jarle Andhoy, skipper of Berserk, the steel-hulled sailboat lost with three crewmembers aboard in a massive storm in Antarctica's desolate Ross Sea, could return home to Norway facing charges that he undertook the polar expedition without permits that would have required a review of safety procedures and contingency plans.



Three survive capsize in rough Chesapeake

Dennis Fleming (right) watched the incident unfold and pulled the men from the water.The thing about trouble on the water is how quickly it strikes. One minute you're drifting along, congratulating yourself for putting your pals into big striped bass in the dead of winter. Ten seconds later, you're waist-deep in 38-degree whitecaps, balancing on the bow rail of your capsized 21-footer in the middle of Chesapeake Bay, minutes from freezing to death.



A new outboard that harnesses 557 horses

Seven Marine's outboard uses a marinized version of the small-block V-8 from Cadillac's CTS-V.In the 4-stroke outboard race, we've seen incremental horsepower increases of 25 and 50 as manufacturers push out new products. For instance, Yamaha's F350 in 2008 overtook 300-hp models from Suzuki and Mercury.

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Built atop a reef over a five-year span, 200-year-old Bell Rock Lighthouse was listed as one of the "Seven Wonders of the Industrial World."


The crew that erected the 116-foot stone structure 11 miles off Scotland's east coast spent long stretches on a floating workshop with living quarters. The reef, in the shipping lane to Dundee, is just 4 feet below the surface at spring low tide. www.bellrock.org.uk



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