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Harbor tugs move to diesel/electric power

The hybrid technology reduces pollution, fuel consumption and engine maintenance costs

A Dolphin Class tug similar to this one is going to be converted to hybrid propulsion.The Seattle-based shipyard that launched the world's first hybrid diesel-electric tug two years ago plans to retrofit a second one with the cleaner, more fuel-efficient technology to help reduce pollution at California's Port of Long Beach.



Two charges dropped in Coast Guard crash

The Coast Guard dropped two of three charges against one of the crewmembers involved in a San Diego boating accident in 2009 that killed an 8-year-old boy, according to the Eleventh Coast Guard District.




Close call captured

Lester Hunt, a retired schoolteacher living near Point Lonsdale, a coastal town in Victoria, Australia, took his camera to the harbor on a late-October Sunday, hoping to snap a few frames of a new pilotboat being launched.



Not just a grounding, a 'local spectacle'

Owner runs his brand-new Contender 200 feet onto an island; pulling it off took five boats and 11 hours

Talk about running aground. Only a few hours after taking delivery of a new 2010 Contender 37 center console, the owner ran the boat onto an island in New York's Great South Bay after dark.

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A good surveyor is a sleuth on your side

One longtime boat inspector details the way he works and the agreements he has with his clients

A surveyor will tap the hull with a small hammer to check for delamination.The marine surveyor is a fact-finder hired to go over a boat with a fine-tooth comb, find out what's shipshape and what's not, and through careful inspection help the client make an intelligent decision about whether to buy the boat.



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