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A new outboard that harnesses 557 horses

Seven Marine's outboard uses a marinized version of the small-block V-8 from Cadillac's CTS-V.In the 4-stroke outboard race, we've seen incremental horsepower increases of 25 and 50 as manufacturers push out new products. For instance, Yamaha's F350 in 2008 overtook 300-hp models from Suzuki and Mercury.

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Built atop a reef over a five-year span, 200-year-old Bell Rock Lighthouse was listed as one of the "Seven Wonders of the Industrial World."


The crew that erected the 116-foot stone structure 11 miles off Scotland's east coast spent long stretches on a floating workshop with living quarters. The reef, in the shipping lane to Dundee, is just 4 feet below the surface at spring low tide. www.bellrock.org.uk



Talkin' Boats with Larry Graf of Aspen Power Catamarans

Larry Graf founded two power catamaran companies.At 30, Larry Graf built his first power catamaran, a cedar-strip-planked 24-footer that became the launching pad for his Glacier Bay Catamarans. That company, during Graf's 20-year tenure, built about 3,000 power cats from 22 to 34 feet.



An important note to our loyal readers

With the May issue's debut of the new-size Soundings, we are now able to co-mail with other similar-size magazines. Therefore, the in-home delivery date for U.S. subscribers will move to the second week of each month.



Stability monitor could avert capsizes

The $4,000 device tracks rolling motion, alerting crew to potentially deadly shifts in weight and balance

Coast Guard investigators say the 93-foot fishing vessel Katmai sank off Alaska's Aleutian Islands, with the loss of seven crewmembers, because it was carrying too much cod in its hold and the crew couldn't stop water from unaccountably pouring into the engine room.



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