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Dispatches: Tugmaster shares view of the world

N10.TUGBoaters encounter them all the time near major ports - tankers, freighters and barge-pushing tugs - and they are wise to give them wide berth.



Duck boat collision under federal scrutiny

N11_duck_boatThe National Transportation Safety Board continued to investigate the July 7 deaths of two Hungarian tourists in a collision between a duck boat and a tug-and-barge on the Delaware River near downtown Philadelphia.



Talkin' Boats - Tom Rau

Boating safety expert

This mishap illustrates the need for a high degree of situational awareness on the water.Tom Rau is an expert on boating safety who served 27 years in the Coast Guard (California and Lake Michigan). He retired in 2002 as a senior chief, responsible for the auxiliary substation at South Haven, Mich. He has participated in about 500 search-and-rescue missions.



Teen's record quest ends with dismasting

Abby Sunderland was about halfway through her attempt to become the youngest solo circumnavigator when the rig came down.It started with a dream - one that began to fall apart, little by little, and ended abruptly halfway around the world. Abby Sunderland, who set off Jan. 23 from her home port of Marina del Rey, Calif., on an attempt to become the youngest solo circumnavigator, was dismasted at about 5:30 p.m. June 10 in the Indian Ocean. (The time zone she was in is 12-1/2 hours ahead of her hometown of Thousand Oaks, Calif.). She was about 2,000 nautical miles off Western Australia and 570 miles northwest of the Kerguelen Islands when she activated two of her three rescue beacons.



Designer recounts Wild Eyes' intent

I designed Wild Eyes - the yacht Abby Sunderland was sailing around the world - as BT Velocity for racing in Class II of the 2002 Around Alone. Being a 40-footer, she was at the low end of the allowable size range for the class, which was 40 to 50 feet. She was part of a new generation of single-handed vessels that was required to meet the new International Monohull Open Class Association rules for self-righting and flotation.



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