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Solar success on trans-Atlantic passage

PlanetSolar receives a warm welcome in Miami, its first stopover on the way to a circumnavigation

The cat crossed the Atlantic in record time for a solar-powered vessel.It works. After 62 days, 34 minutes of voyaging under power of the sun alone, the 100-foot Turanor PlanetSolar glided silently down Government Cut to the face dock at the Miami Beach Marina, completing the first 6,300 miles of an attempt to become the first boat to ever make a solar-powered circumnavigation.



Somali pirates hold couple for 388 days

The cruising community is warned that the range for attacks now extends well beyond the Gulf of Aden

A Somali skiff is about to be boarded by U.S. forces in the Gulf of Aden.Somali pirates freed cruisers Paul and Rachel Chandler after 388 days in captivity for a ransom thought to be as much as $1 million. The release follows an ordeal of beatings and psychological torture - a stark reminder that cruising anywhere near the Horn of Africa carries terrible risks, even for seasoned voyagers.



Harbor tugs move to diesel/electric power

The hybrid technology reduces pollution, fuel consumption and engine maintenance costs

A Dolphin Class tug similar to this one is going to be converted to hybrid propulsion.The Seattle-based shipyard that launched the world's first hybrid diesel-electric tug two years ago plans to retrofit a second one with the cleaner, more fuel-efficient technology to help reduce pollution at California's Port of Long Beach.



Two charges dropped in Coast Guard crash

The Coast Guard dropped two of three charges against one of the crewmembers involved in a San Diego boating accident in 2009 that killed an 8-year-old boy, according to the Eleventh Coast Guard District.




Close call captured

Lester Hunt, a retired schoolteacher living near Point Lonsdale, a coastal town in Victoria, Australia, took his camera to the harbor on a late-October Sunday, hoping to snap a few frames of a new pilotboat being launched.



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