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Sole survivor is still haunted by his ordeal

In his recently released book, Nick Schuyler recounts the tragedy that claimed the lives of his three friends

The majority of Schuyler's book focuses on the deaths of his friends. Soundings covered the capsize and then the findings of the investigation in the May (above) and June 2009 issues.The lone survivor of the highly publicized February 2009 Gulf of Mexico boating accident has written a book about the tragedy, giving an hour-by-hour description of his fight to live - and the deaths of his three friends.



108 decibels to ward off boat burglars

Couple's invention is simple: disconnect the shore power, and would-be thieves get a deafening blast

Adversity was the mother of invention for the Dethiers, who developed the theft alarm after nearly losing their boat three times.After nearly losing their boat to intruders three times, Walter and Joanne Dethier decided to fight back. With the help of a friend in the boat business, they invented a theft-deterrent system that's so simple it's amazing no one had thought of it before.



Coast Guard sued over fatal crash

The lawsuit cites violations of the Inland Navigation Rules and its 'own boating safety regulations'

(From left) Caroline, Nathan, Alan, Anthony (striped shirt) and Dominck DeWeese.The parents of a boy who died in a December 2009 boating accident involving a Coast Guard vessel on San Diego Bay have filed a lawsuit against the agency.



Excitement brewing over lifting Cuba ban

With bills awaiting action in Congress, a race from Sarasota to the island is in the works for 2011

Jose Miguel Diaz Escrich, commodore of Havana's Hemingway Yacht Club, says Cuba is preparing for American cruisers in anticipation of a change in U.S. policy.There's a lot of buzz again about cruising Cuba. A few bills in the 111th Congress - H.R. 4645, S. 428 and H.R. 874 - would end travel restrictions on all Americans who want to visit Cuba, and two of them would clear the way for easier sale of U.S. agricultural products to the island.

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Killer drones may soon save lives, too

Unmanned Predator is being tested for search-and-rescue and anti-smuggling roles

The pilotless Guardian - an unmanned version of the Predator B drone - is operated remotely from the ground.Predator drones similar to those that attack terrorist strongholds in Afghanistan soon might be deployed for search-and-rescue and tracking drug and migrant smugglers in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean.



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