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Sculpture elicits that sinking feeling

French artist Julien Berthier's 'ambiguous image' of a doomed sloop isn't really what it seems

Julien Berthier's 'Love love' - the artist is on board in this photo - induces gasps and an occasional mayday call.It's a nautical work of art designed with a wry sense of humor. Yes, it looks like a stoic skipper going down with his ship, but neither the boat nor skipper is going to slip beneath the surface anytime soon.



Treasure and intrigue in WikiLeaks cables

Leaked documents allude to a deal to help Spain recover a $500 million treasure found by a U.S. company

Odyssey Marine Exploration has been locked in a legal battle with the Spanish government over coins the professional treasure hunter salvaged.WikiLeaks' release of a deluge of U.S. State Department cables has brought to light diplomatic conversations linking U.S. support for Spain's claim to a half-billion dollars worth of silver coins salvaged from the ocean floor by an American company to Spanish help for a now-deceased U.S. citizen who was trying to recover a painting in Spain that the Nazis confiscated from his grandparents.



Talkin' Boats With Ariel Pared

Ariel Pared is VP of Sales and Marketing for SeeVee Boats

(From left) Moises Rodriguez, Ralph Torres and Ariel Pared are partners at SeaVee Boats.Ariel Pared is vice president of sales and marketing for SeaVee Boats in Miami. In 2008 SeaVee became the first company in the United States to build a center console with pod-drive propulsion, a 39-footer.



Putting the single-pod 34 to the test

ZF Marine and SeaVee Boats introduced a 34-foot center console with a single-pod propulsion system last fall at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show - the first of its kind in the recreational marine market, according to the companies.



Solar success on trans-Atlantic passage

PlanetSolar receives a warm welcome in Miami, its first stopover on the way to a circumnavigation

The cat crossed the Atlantic in record time for a solar-powered vessel.It works. After 62 days, 34 minutes of voyaging under power of the sun alone, the 100-foot Turanor PlanetSolar glided silently down Government Cut to the face dock at the Miami Beach Marina, completing the first 6,300 miles of an attempt to become the first boat to ever make a solar-powered circumnavigation.



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