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New I/O engines from Mercury and Volvo

volvoMercury Marine and Volvo Penta have each introduced new gasoline sterndrive engines. Mercury unveiled a 6.2-liter V-8 engine in 300- and 350-hp models, and Volvo Penta countered with a 5.3-liter V-8 — also 300 and 350 hp — and a 280-hp V-6 4.3-liter engine (pictured below).



Treasure hunting is a passionate family affair that has paid off

treasure1It was June 17, Hillary Schmitt’s birthday, and she had a “good feeling,” a mood that became infectious as Aarrr Booty, the Schmitts’ 44-foot Marine Trader, set out for another day of treasure hunting on a 300-year-old Spanish wreck off Fort Pierce, Florida.



‘Death Ship’ inquiry reveals bullying, intimidation and fear

deathshipAn Australian coroner’s inquest into crewmember deaths aboard the 800-foot coal carrier Sage Sagittarius is looking as murky as an Agatha Christie mystery, exposing the dark underbelly of flag-of-convenience ships that employ people who are desperate for work, under appalling conditions.



It’s like Uber for anglers

uberFloridian David Lohmann got hooked on fishing in kindergarten and has stayed hooked for nearly three decades.



Alan Bond dies: from Cup hero to convict

bondWhen Australia stunned the sailracing world in 1983 by wresting the America’s Cup from the United States after a 132-year winning streak, syndicate backer Alan Bond became a national hero Down Under, and a holiday was declared to honor the victory.



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