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Survivor or Storyteller?

Jose Salvador AlvarengaJose Salvador Alvarenga claimed to have survived 13 months adrift on the Pacific when his boat beached Jan. 29 in the Marshall Islands.



Seamanship Quiz - April 2014

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute



More 4-strokes from Yamaha

Yamaha continues to expand its stable of second-generation 4-strokes with the introduction this spring of two midrange engines. A new F115 replaces the original introduced in 1999, and an F175 has been added.



Better days - Images

Camera: Nikon D200

Shutter speed: 1/160 second

Lens focal length: 18mm

Aperture: f/7.1

ISO: 400

April 2014 issue


‘If I die, just throw me over the side’

Conny van Rietschoten ran a tight ship and was respected by those who sailed for him.Cornelis “Conny” van Rietschoten, the “Flying Dutchman,” was the sole skipper to win the Whitbread Round the World Race twice. He also transformed around-the-world racing from a wild and romantic adventure into a serious business and groomed a generation of young sailors — men such as America’s Cup veteran Grant Dalton, yachting photographer Onne van der Wal, and ocean racer and weather router Bill Biewenga — for standout careers.



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