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Talkin' boats - with Constantinos K. Constantinou CEO of Greenline North America

Constantinos K. ConstantinouWhen Constantinos K. Constantinou was a young teenager, most of his friends were saving to buy motor scooters, but he was saving money for a boat.



Regulator revamps the 23

The transom is back. The new version of the Regulator 23, a 24-degree deep-vee designed by Lou Codega, makes use of an engine bracket to increase overall deck space.




"Images" Photo by Jody Dole

Camera: Nikon D800

Shutter speed: 1/60 second

Lens focal length: 85mm

Aperture: f/11

ISO: 100

June 2014 issue


Beyond drug smuggling: meth labs on boats

Police said this 28-foot sailboat was being used as a lab to make crystal methamphetamine on a Daytona Beach, Fla., mooring.Drug enforcement officers have found meth labs in homes, apartments, motel rooms, cars and pickups, boathouses, shacks in the woods and now aboard a 28-foot sailboat.



Boats seized in Mexico released after four months

The 64-foot aluminum cruiser owned by Mike and Carol Brooks Parker was among 338 foreign-owned yachts impounded by Mexican authorities.Relieved to have their yacht back, Carol Brooks Parker and husband Mike still aren’t sure why Mexican authorities seized their 64-foot bluewater power cruiser Avatar last November, holding it for nearly four months at the Marina Coral in Ensenada, Mexico.



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