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SEAMANSHIP QUIZ - September 2014

Test your knowledge with these Coast Guard license exam prep questions from the National Captain’s Institute





Flexboat’s strong, sturdy ribs

I attended a Honda Marine media event this summer where Flexboat had an inflatable and two RIBs available for testing: the 7-1/2-foot Miniflex-S, the 12-foot SR-12 SLX RIB and the 25-foot SR-760 RIB (below).




The Miss Geico racing team gave rides to wounded war veterans during the Atlantic City (New Jersey) Offshore Grand Prix this summer. “These men and women have sacrificed so much,” says throttleman Scott Begovich. The 50-foot Miss Geico packs 3,300 horses and can top 200 mph.

Gian Carlo Photography

September 2014 issue


Blue blade

Camera: Hasselblad H3D-39

Shutter speed: 0.7 second

Lens focal length: 120mm

Aperture: f/13

ISO: 50

September 2014 issue


Niña report cites texts, satellite technology

The search for the yacht showed that improvements needed to be made in the use of satellite technology in trying to find missing vessels.An independent review of the search for Niña, the classic yacht that was lost with seven crewmembers more than a year ago on the Tasman Sea, has found that the New Zealand rescue authority did all it should have done — and more — to try to find the 84-foot schooner, but it recommends the agency learn to use satellite technology more effectively in its searches.



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