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Body found in 13-foot shark

shark_insideMany of us have been forced to cut short a boating or fishing outing for one reason or another - weather, engine trouble, an emergency back on land.

Humphrey Simmons called off a fishing trip in the Bahamas because he caught a 13-foot tiger shark that regurgitated a human leg. Simmons hooked up with the 800-pounder on the morning of Sept. 4 while fishing with two friends from his 2002 30-foot, twin-outboard Pursuit express about 38 miles south of Nassau.

Bahamian authorities later found a second leg, two severed arms and a severed torso inside the shark's belly. The likely victim is 43-year-old Judson Newton, a boater who had gone missing several days earlier, according to published reports. Newton reportedly was fishing off an area known as "Jaws Beach" - where the final "Jaws" movie was filmed - when he had engine trouble and went into the water to pull the boat ashore.

Simmons was fishing with his friends Stanley Bernard and Keith Ferguson at about 8 a.m. They shot the shark after twice relocating to elude the massive fish because it was stealing their catch as they brought it to the surface.

Fishing_inside"We were not fishing for shark, which is important for people to know," says Simmons, 45, a banker who lives in Cable Beach, Nassau.

They hooked the tiger shark three times and killed it on the third encounter. "As I was pulling him up, as soon as he hit the surface of the water, Stanley shot him in the head," says Simmons. "We pulled him to the side of the boat. I gaffed him and ... as I was leaning over and trying to cut him loose, out popped a leg - a human leg. At that point I was trying to keep my composure. I gaffed the leg and put it into the boat."

As the anglers pulled the dead shark to the boat, their nostrils told them something wasn't right.

"Sharks are normally rank and smell, but this one was just abnormally rank," says Simmons. "It was the worst scent I have ever smelled."

Read the full story in the January issue of Soundings magazine.

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7 Saturday, 13 November 2010 00:52
snarky sharky
gp martin said "Te fisherman said they shot the shark because it kept eating their hooked fish. It is wrong and should be illegal to shoot an amimal simply because it follows a natural urge. Humans are supposed to be the ones with the brains."

Yeah, the urge to eat people is natural too you MORON
6 Tuesday, 02 November 2010 14:01
Just MORE excuses to KILL the shark !!!! assxxxxx and Jackasses
5 Monday, 01 November 2010 15:38
gp martin
Te fisherman said they shot the shark because it kept eating their hooked fish.
It is wrong and should be illegal to shoot an amimal simply because it follows a natural urge.
Humans are supposed to be the ones with the brains.
4 Friday, 29 October 2010 15:19
Capt. Carl
I also am not a shark expert, but I have been diving with sharks a number of times. I have personally seen the beauty of these magnificent animals and have a hard time believing the bad press that sharks receive. I will agree if you are to dive with sharks you do need to know what you are doing, and if done properly can be a safe, "once in a life time", opportunity. Many people have called sharks "janitors of the sea" and I have witnessed this first hand as they eat the dead and weak animals of the oceans. I have been fishing for 40 plus years in Florida and the Bahamas and have encountered sharks many many times. It was only in the last few years that I have seen the drop in numbers of sharks and have become concerned. I believe we will face a significant problem in the ecosystem of our oceans as the shark population diminishes. As an avid sport fisherman and Captain, I personally have tried to pass on the message of the need for shark preservation. I am a strong supporter of the new effort of "Shark Free Marina" program and hope that we all can see the benefit of saving our oceans for the future.
3 Friday, 29 October 2010 10:07
Captain Mark the Shark
I think it's obvious it wasn't a heart attack. There were two in the water 3 in the boat. Two in the water both gone - I doubt they both had heart attacks. More likely story is this tiger was abnormally aggressive even for a tiger shark. I have been in the water too with these monsters. Granted we venture into their world but don't say they won't intentionally eat humans because I have witnesses their intentions first hand, twice. They may be too stupid to know what a human is but they will intentionally eat one. As far as I am concerned the only good shark is a dead shark and I am pretty sure the victim's kids would completely agree with me.

2 Thursday, 28 October 2010 20:01
This article reports from 09/06 that he may have drowned before the shark got to him.

1 Thursday, 28 October 2010 13:58
Capt. Noel Voroba
It's important to know that most sharks will only intentionally eat humans after they are dead. It's possible the victum died of a heart attack while pulling his boat to shore and the shark did the rest. I've been diving around sharks for over 37 years and have never had a bad encounter. Obviously, if you're spear fishing, you run more of a risk of being attacked.
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