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VIDEO: Close encounter with a hammerhead

After a 20-minute fight with a tarpon under Long Key bridge near Duck Key, Fla., a hammerhead shark attacks and eventually eats the tarpon.

The anglers say they tried to protect the tarpon by running it down and creating noise to confuse the shark. After a quick release, the shark returns and, after about five hits, the shark wins and swims off with the fish.

Moments later, half of the tarpon floats to the surface and one angler grabs the remains. When the shark returns and bumps the boat, the angler gives up on the carcass. Another fisherman grabs it just as the hammerhead strikes again.

Conservative size estimates for the shark are 14 feet and around 400 pounds.

NOTE: This video contains strong language that could offend some readers.

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5 Tuesday, 02 November 2010 16:19
Sherman Barnes
If you pay attention to the video, they released the tarpon just as soon as they spotted the shark. And you can hear their disappointment when the shark caught the tarpon.

But I will admit, putting your hands in the water was a bit stupid.
4 Tuesday, 02 November 2010 00:33
Ramona, just get back on your PETA bus, and ride off into the sunset. Fishing is a 4,000+ yr old means of getting your food. Yes, now, it has been turned also into sport. These guys were clearly saying "I hope we get him before a hammerhead comes in", so one could only assume that this is a semi-normal occurance. You also better believe that hammerheads hunt them in the wild, be it on the end of a line or not. These guys were noticably angry that the shark got him, and seemed, although momentarily, remorseful. I am all for conservation of our resources, like fish, and much of what I catch is catch and release. Just shut the yap, and go about your business.
As to the guys, YES, as soon as he said "who's crazy enough to do this" I was thinking it was gonna get stupid, and it did. Lucky indeed.
3 Friday, 29 October 2010 02:21
Ramona Miller
I find it disgusting the impunity and selfishness, not to mention the outright blatant stupidity of people exhibiting their narasisstic preocuppation with self and selfish immature pleasures-as this video clearly displays. Here's a bunch of DRUNKS getting cheap thrills at the expense of a sober, intelligent, animal of integrity sadly caught in their web or deceit and frivolity...toying with it's life. I'm disgusted and thing PEOPLE (as ANIMALS themselfves) are not only DESTRUCTIVE and IRREVERANT towards ANIMALS, but LESSER CREATURES OF INTEGRITY Than the Animals they flippantly toy with. WISH THE MF SHARK as they called it, would have EATEN THEM. THAT"D BE TRUE ENTERTAINMENT
2 Thursday, 28 October 2010 17:31
keys fishing
All locals that fish here know about the bull sharks and hammerheads. You can see the sharks swimming under the bridge with the tarpon. Leave the shark alone - either cut the tarpon line or open the bail to let him swim away from the shark....don't practice this type of stunt. But, then again, holding a glass beer bottle while filming says a lot.
Just glad they are alive and have all fingers, hands, and rest of their body parts.
1 Thursday, 28 October 2010 13:30
David J. Mahler
morons are lucky to still be here to post this. he "hit" the boat to knock you out!
fbtwit yt