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SPOT1_insideSpot introduced SPOT Hug, a satellite-based GPS security device that continually tracks a boat's location and watches for low battery voltage, high bilge water, door or hatch intrusion, and smoke or fire. The device alerts an asset monitoring center to any unauthorized movement.

SPOT Hug is equipped with a built-in GPS and satellite transmitter and includes a wireless keypad and two key fobs, all of which communicate wirelessly. The tracker sends an alert if the boat moves outside a preset security perimeter or if SPOT Hug detects high bilge water, a low battery, an open door or smoke. A text or e-mail with details is sent to the registered boat owner and additional contacts. SPOT Hug can also send messages to others, including an international rescue coordination center. You can activate SPOT messaging features using the key tag or fob when in range of the tracker.

The device can be line-powered to a 12- or 24-volt external battery or operated on AA lithium batteries.

Price: $400, plus a $150-a-year subscription fee.

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