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Creatures from the deep

What lurks beneath as we travel on the surface of the ocean? What wondrous and bizarre life forms are moving thousands of feet below where even the saltiest human can venture?

Science is closer than ever to answering that question.

After 10 years of research by 2,700 scientists from 80 countries, the first Census of Marine Life offers clues to the mysteries of the deep, complete with stunning images, including photos of entirely new species. It was the most ambitious attempt in the history of science to catalog the life forms in the oceans, said Stuart L. Pimm, Doris Duke Professor of Conservation Ecology at Duke University in a recent New York Times article, "What's Next in Science."

Dim lights

Click play to watch a slideshow of some of the creatures who share the ocean with us - new species and more common creatures seen in a new light. Mobile users can click here to watch on the Soundings YouTube channel.

Among the findings: Australian and Japanese waters are the most diverse. They have almost 33,000 forms of life. The Gulf of Mexico was the only North American body of water to make the top five for biodiversity.

For information, visit the Census of Marine Life website or read the 64-page report summary.

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