Posted on 27 December 2010

go2_thumbA group of scientists has introduced an additive that helps diesel fuel burn cleaner and more efficiently. Cerion Energy's nanoparticle combustion catalyst GO2 increases combustion efficiency while decreasing exhaust emissions, according to the company.

"The nanoparticles redistribute oxygen more uniformly over the chamber volume to result in a more complete and efficient burn," according to Rochester, N.Y.-based Cerion.

The group says it has done extensive testing with CSX, which burns 750 million gallons of diesel a year, and other large rail companies. Tests are showing an 8 to 13 percent increase in fuel efficiency and a 30 percent decrease in soot emissions. The additive is being tested in an 88-foot high-speed sportboat, and the company is working with engine manufacturers Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel.