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VIDEO: Tossed and turned

fishermen_frontFour fishermen returning from a weeklong trip fishing for tuna recently risked a dangerous bar crossing in New Zealand.

The four men in two fishing boats were tossed and spun around in the churning waters as they crossed a bar of the Grey River to make port at Greymouth, on the northwest New Zealand coast along the Tasman Sea. The conditions were especially dangerous because of flooding in the area, according to reports.

Click play to watch the crossing and hear from the fishermen. Mobile users can also click here.

Two fishermen died in 2000 after they capsized making a similar crossing.

Once safely in port, the fishermen discussed their ordeal.

"One you're committed, you've more or less got to keep going," said one fisherman.

However, Suzanne Haywood, the wife of one of the fishermen and mother of another, had more to say, according to a local report.

"I growled at them and said they should have never gone over there. I gave them a bit of a rark up," said Haywood of her husband, Ray, and son, David.

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